being things i bought at target. edition one.

There’s something fascinating to me about the every day parts of people’s’ lives. I think that’s why I love reading blogs so much — I love hearing about how people live day-to-day — even the mundane is interesting to me. There are a few blogs that do a monthly “purse dump” post where they show you all the goodies that they haul around.I thought I’d put a new twist on this idea and include everyone’s favorite store — Target.

Introducing — Things I bought at Target.

Here’s how we’ll play. Every time I go to Target, I’ll post what I bought, from the boring to the fabulous.

I’d love for you to do the same — either on your own blog (leave me a comment that you did or link back to Being5 so I can see it) or in the comments below.

No timelines or guidelines. Just list as you feel. The only rule is that you can’t leave anything out from your list! Okay, if you bought hemorrhoid cream or something embarrassing like that, feel free to omit.

There are a few of you who I know are die-hard Target shoppers that must participate. I’m talking to you, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Barton.

Here’s what I bought yesterday —

California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash.

Johnson’s Baby Wash in Apple.

A set of disposable sippy cups.

Washable nursing pads.

Swim trunks for Everett — black with red and white skulls.

Easy off oven cleaner.

Clorox countertop spray.

An ombre style dress for me. (they don’t have it online, sorry!)

A pair of black leggings.

A white tee with green stripes.

Chambray skirts for the girls.

The new Junie B. Jones book.

A Spongebob Father’s Day book. (I was desperate.)

Bubble Yum bubblegum.

Two mini containers of cookies. (for bribes.)

Cinnamon Cheerios and Rice Chex. (2 for $5.)

Those peanut butter and jelly frozen sandwich things. (no idea what they’re called.)

Whole milk.

1% milk.

Vanilla coffee creamer.

Spiderman bubble bath.

Secret deodorant. Spring Fresh. 2-pack.

Kids’ shampoo. Coconut.

Kids’ swimming shampoo.

Assorted feminine hygiene products. (you don’t need the details there.

10 Responses to “being things i bought at target. edition one.”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Love this idea! BTW, my new fancy shoes are arriving on Friday!

  2. Laura Says:

    LOVE THIS! I went to Target yesterday, too. My list is insanely long. If I can find the receipt, I’ll come back and post. I spent $401 and some change, but it included my new Keurig, which, as you know, I intend to make love to. I also bought more Method cleaning products b/c I have been obsessed for over a year, a ton of activity stuff for the kids – finger paints, regular paint, pain brushes, crayons, giant coloring pages, insanely sized pack of play dough, play dough accessories, 8 packages of new underwear for the Littles, and some other stuff I’m forgetting. I love Target, but it is such a wallet suck!

    I’m jealous of your dress. I need to buy more stuff for me when I’m there…

    • katie. Says:

      DAMN! You’ve got me beat! I have my eye on a Keurig now too — I figure I’ll save that amount from going to Crack-bucks in a week, right? Speaking of, need more coffee.

  3. andrea Says:

    Our last Target run was while on vacation down in OC last week so it doesn’t quite represent our normal Target trip. It went something like this:

    4 bottles red wine
    Honey Nut Cheerios
    1% Milk
    Wheat Thins
    Size 5 Diapers
    Kids Yoplait
    Tex Mex Snack Mix
    Diet Coke
    Antibacterial Wipes
    Mens Baseball Hat
    Goody Headbands
    SPF 70
    6 pack Kona Longboard Lager

  4. Erin Says:

    Love this idea! Target is my fav!! I always end up with the most random stuff :)

    And yes I need to get the tea lights…

  5. alex Says:

    I’ve just gotten home from Target with lots of fun goodies for Emma’s upcoming birthday!

    Cherokee Short Sleeve Shirt
    Cherokee Short Sleeve Shirt
    Cherokee Shorts
    Cherokee Crop

    Mossimo Sleeveless Top

    Fume Free Easy Off
    Comet x2

    Justin Bieber CD (Emma is obsessed. She’ll be thrilled.)

    Dr. Suess Happy Birthday Book
    Olivia Goes to Venice Book

    Lip Gloss

    Pink Princess Hat x2
    Gift Bags
    Tissue Paper
    Swirly Ribbon

    Chicken Broth

    Total: $139.28. Ouch.

  6. Molly Says:

    I think I have to find last night’s Target receipt so I can post this too. You always have good ideas Katie, and as you may have noticed my ideas are non-existent right now.

  7. rachel Says:

    I totally want to play along. Guess I’ll have to go to Target this week. Aw, shucks!

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