being 32 things i just bought at target. edition three.

Remember when we used to share what we bought at Target? (edition one is HERE. edition two is HERE.)

I miss that.

I needed deodorant and I had to get out of the house this morning to make sure Ev didn’t fall asleep too early (he woke up at 4:30 a.m.). That adds up to a trip to Target, if you ask me!

Here’s what came home with us today…


A cute striped sweatshirt for Ev.

Nightgowns for the girls. (I just cleaned out their jammie drawer… It was looking sad.)

DVD of Scooby Doo Meets Batman. (Best $5 I’ve spent all summer!)

Goldfish crackers. The space kind.

Fruit snacks. To bribe the kids to be nice on the way home.

Cereal x3.

Lunches that go in the microwaves for the kids. x3 (So that I could work when I got home.)

Mini French toast Eggos.


Deodorant for Josh and me.

Coconut shampoo for the kids.

Sandwich Ziplock bags.

A bag of balloons for the girls to play party.

New notebook for Janie. (her fave.)

Mailing envelopes x2.

Big sticky notes.

Scotch tape. (we are always running out!)

Two new packs of Playdough.

A little wooden train for Ev.

These boots for the girls for back-to-school. (They are buy one, get one half off and are super cute in person!)

What were the last things you bought at Target? Come on. Dish it.


One Response to “being 32 things i just bought at target. edition three.”

  1. katie m Says:

    In case you were wondering…last stop in a Target. Objective: buy one new cartrip toy for Kellan from the dollar section and Biologe Conditioner.

    What I actually bought:
    A deck of Dinosaur i.d. cards
    A deck of Number/Color cards
    A new slap bracelet
    Three sets of stickers
    Three sets of activity packets (1 x Avengers and 2 x Batman)
    A Disney book
    An Elmo book
    Two new big boy plastic cups

    (DAMN that dollar section!! I’m such a sucker!)

    What I forgot to buy:
    Biologe Conditioner

    For some reason my hair doesn’t get as pretty with the kids Grape Conditioner? ;)

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