being summer 2012. {week 3}

This was a bit of a slow week — some post-camping recovery time, if you will. Plus, we left for vacation the following weekend, so it was both camping recovery and vacation prep. In other words, I spent a lot of time doing laundry, packing and making lists. Don’t worry, I didn’t take many pictures.

However, a few noteworthy things did happen during Week 3 of Summer 2012.

1. The kids got along with each other

Why is it that when there are only two kids, they seem to behave better, listen more and are generally more kind and loving to each other? But throw in that third kid, no matter which sibling it is, and all hell breaks loose. I was trying to remember why Ev and Meg were looking so cute in this picture and then in dawned on me… Janie was at dance camp all week.

2. Oliver arrived

More about that HERE, if you need a quick baby fix.

3. We faux camped in West Seattle

I needed to grab some pictures of Seattle’s only campground, Camp Long, which is in West Seattle, so I took Ev and Meg and we did a little mock-camping trip photo shoot. Because everyone camps in maxi-dresses and Saltwater Sandals, right? (Full article on Red Tricycle HERE — check it out. It’s a pretty cool place!)

4. I had four children in the car eating Slurpees WITH NO LIDS and nobody spilled

I’ve decided to put this on my resume, because it was a major parenting moment for me. We picked up Janie from dance camp (with Neighbor Henry in tow) and it happened to be July 11th, National Slurpee Day, so we made a quick stop at the 7-11 on the top of Queen Anne to get our fix… and to expose Henry to the joys of Slurpees (you’re welcome, Sara and Dave). Anyway, we go inside and I start filling the little free Slurpee cups that are available, which are a perfect size for the kiddos, but I quickly realize that the typical small-sized cup lid DO NOT FIT THESE CUPS. So, now I have four children, three of which are under the age of five, each with a cherry red Slurpee in hand, with no lid. I had to do everything in my might to put on a Happy Mommy face and encourage them to not spill a drop in the car, if they could help it, as I was really having a major internal panic attack and wondering where the closest Xanax fix was (oh yeah, I’m on Queen Anne, which means the purse of ANY MOTHER PUSHING A STROLLER). But, nobody spilled… expect me, as I got in the car and spilled my own Slurpee down the front of my windshield.

5. Left my kids in the car while it poured

In other awesome, award-winning parenting moves this week, we had a day of some serious downpours. I’m not talking about rain. I’m talking about when it’s pouring so hard that you think it can not possibly pour any harder… and then it does. The kids and I happened to be grabbing some stuff at Trader Joe’s during this little weather episode and just as I got home and took a load of stuff in, it got insane. See that car? My kids are still in it because I’m waiting for the rain to let up a bit before I go get them. Don’t worry. I took the keys with me. And the machetes. They were perfectly safe.

6. Because he’s adorable…

Nothing much to say here, other than Ev seemed to grow out of both his pairs of shoes at the exact same time. (Yes, he only has two pairs of shoes… well, and a pair of rain boots, I suppose. Shocking, isn’t it?) We thought we should grab him a new pair before we headed out of town, so to the Mothership (AKA Nordstrom) we went! Trying to get a 2-1/2-year old boy to try on shoes is like… well, trying to get a 2-1/2-year old boy to try on shoes. We pretty much grabbed a pair of Crocs that seemed like they fit well enough, paid as quickly as humanly possible and ran.

Week three of summer down! Now, on to vacation…

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  1. cathiesdailydish Says:

    Oh yeah….totally know the “doesn’t matter which kid” phenomenon!!

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