being a quickie.

ev took this picture a few weeks ago. i was trying on pants at target. i already deleted the ones of me without pants. you’re welcome.

This is all I can give you today. It’s that sort of week. Sorry.

1. Let’s talk about how hungry I am right now. Because I am. Hungry. I didn’t eat dinner, due to a dinner time meeting and now I’m hungry.

2. A few days ago, I was looking at our calendar for the end of the year and thinking it would be such a nice, relaxing holiday season. You know where this story goes, right? I think I put 12 things on our calendar today for between now and 2013. They’re all fantastic, fun things, but oy. My poor calendar.

3. Let me give you some advice. When they say they need someone to work on the school directory, you run. Run as fast as your little feet can carry you.

4. Currently obsessing over this coat, these boots, and this book.

5. Things I need to do tomorrow (I’m writing this Tuesday night, FYI) — get groceries, clean the bathrooms, figure out how to create a clone for Thursday, buy tickets to see Breaking Dawn, FINISH THE MOTHERFUCKING DIRECTORY, work, vacuum the inside of my car.

3 Responses to “being a quickie.”

  1. Cathie Ericson Says:

    Don’t vaccuum the inside of your car. It will just get messy again. And think if you were trapped inside it, how you could feed your whole famiiy for days with the snack remnants that live in it!

    You should have asked me about the directory ;0 I am a seasoned PTA vet and know what to stay away from .

  2. Chelsea bell Says:

    I need to do all of those things except the directory…shudder. Sounds like email hell…

  3. Margot Saharic Says:

    Thank you for taking over the directory from me this year :-)

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