being 2013.

NYE-2012-Collagethe last pictures of 2012 from a party at our neighbors’ last night.

I’m feeling stumped about the year to come. Straight out stumped.

I have no idea what to resolve to do or become or what goals to make.


I tried to look back at what I was thinking at the beginning of 2012 and 2011, but I can’t say it helped much.

I suppose it’s hard to look ahead at an entire year and for me, I’m trying my best to live the best day I can every single day, instead of thinking ahead to what I want tomorrow to look like. It’s hard for me, as I’m a girl who loves to plan plan plan. And then plan some more.

But, when you live in the day or the moment, it’s also easy to let your bigger goals slip by. I think my plan this year will be to try to take on some monthly goals that are tangible and will keep my year moving forward, while still allowing me to keep my nose out of my calendar.

Here’s January…

Home: Reorganize the kitchen. Including painting the bookshelf Josh made me, pulling everything out of the cupboards to clean and reorganize, scrubbing the old, dirt-magnet baseboards until them gleam and adding storage solutions where I can.

Family: Create a better afternoon/evening routine. We have a good one now, but it’s not allowing Janie enough time to do her homework (which usually gets pushed to post-little kid bedtime) and I’d like to change things up when we get back to school next week. Advice welcome!

Me: In bed by 11pm and up by 6am. I’ve had the chance to get some lovely rest over the holidays and I want to keep it up. Really, I’d like to be in bed by 10pm, but considering my workload this month, I can’t see that happening.

Work: Put my name on a blog re-design list. Oh, how I’ve been avoiding this. But, it needs to happen. Not only do I need a re-design, but I need to transfer my blog to a self-hosted platform, which is more than I can do myself. Step 1: Finding a designer who I like, fits in my budget and will also do the transfer. Step 2: Paying the deposit. Both to be done in January.

Tell me, what are your goals/resolutions/thoughts for 2013?

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3 Responses to “being 2013.”

  1. Kacie Says:

    I’m continuing with my weight loss goals that I started in the fall, after a brief holiday-induced hiatus. I deliberately decided to start in August instead of waiting until January. When I make it a “New Year’s Resolution” it doesn’t stick as well as just starting it when I feel like the jeans are cutting off circulation.

    I also want to get a retirement saving game plan in place this year. I’m 30 now and it’s time.

    Last, I want to be more organized and have a more set routine. The great thing about being single with no kids is there is a lot of room for spontaneity and instant decisions. The bad thing is that it’s easy to hit the snooze button, procrastinate and spend entire weekends on the couch with the iPad and coffee. Those things are nice sometimes, but not every day and not every weekend. So I want to make more of a daily routine, especially on the weekends when my first inclination is to hibernate rather than go out and live life and accomplish my to-do list. :-)

    Happy NY, Katie!

  2. Molly Says:

    Wow, those are some big goals for January. It’s not a resolution per say but I’ve been working on being more organized and getting into a routine cleaning the house so it doesn’t all have to be done Saturday morning. My one resolution is to exercise more.
    Happy New Year!

    • katie. Says:

      I just read yours, Molly! And loved them. And, I hear ya. I hate cleaning on Saturdays and am trying to clean throughout the week too, but it’s so hard after a long day, isn’t it?

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