being clarisonic-obsessed.


I didn’t want one of these… until I REALLY wanted one. And, luckily, Santa pulled through for Christmas.

Now, tell me. I know that some of you are as obsessed as I am becoming. Give me your Clarisonic tips, notes, methods. I want to hear it ALL.

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8 Responses to “being clarisonic-obsessed.”

  1. Marie Langhout-Franklin Says:

    It’s my favorite beauty item VERY closely followed by the Opal (for eyes). Hi, my name is Marie and I,m a chronic exfoliator.

  2. andrea Says:

    I LOVE my new Clarisonic. After the initial breakout my skin is so fantastic. I’m also kind of obsessed with getting an Opal, but baby steps…

    • katie. Says:

      Did you have a breakout, Andrea? I heard that could happen… I was using mine at first during, ahem, that time of the month, so I guess I didn’t notice! :) And, just looked at the Opal… swoon!

      • andrea Says:

        Just a few small spots which is out of character for my skin, but a week later I’m all clear and my skin is luminous to the point of not needing any powder/foundation. It’s great!

      • katie. Says:

        I feel the same! Like I’m glowing! I’ve just been adding a little bit of a liquid blush/bronzer on my cheeks and I’m good to go! (well, despite the 10-pounds of mascara I also use…)

  3. ash Says:

    Ok, use the trader joe’s nourish cleanser with it and seriously that stuff has had amazing reviews it’s like the perfect cleanser too according to dr. oz but it foams amazingly!

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