being 10 things from me.

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one. I have an OMGmyheadhurts-type of headache tonight. I think that means that I got a lot of work done today. And, that I had a lot of ideas. Which I did. But still. Ouch you bastard. Go away.

two. Can we please discuss… Downton Abbey? The Bachelor? I watched DA over two days. Well, more like three. I watched some at 1 am after it premiered. But, I was also working and wasn’t fully watching it, so I had to go back and re-watch. Then, I watched some more the next afternoon, but fell asleep. And, I finally finished it up yesterday. It was everything I was hoping for. You? And, The Bachelor. I’m not really that into Sean. Are you? Too nicey nice. Those girls are going to eat him alive. I really hope he picks that Kacie from last season.

three. There are a million people I know on vacation in Hawaii right now. I’m having extreme jealousy issues.

four. Janie and I are reading this book together and we’re both devouring it. And, we just realized that there is a second book too. We read it together in her bed at night, after the little kids have gone to bed. We lay on her top bunk, snuggled under the covers. Janie puts on her headlamp so that we can see. There are often giggles. And chats. And sweet time together. I love the book, but I REALLY love her.

five. I’m itching for a new pair of shoes. Badly. I can’t even remember the last pair I bought. It’s been that long. I’ve had my eye on these for a while now.

six. Parents… You need to read this. Please. For the safety of your children.

seven. After this long school break, I’m starting to itch for summer. Trust me, I love having my kids in school. And, it is nearly impossible to work when they’re home — in fact, I don’t even try to work when they’re home anymore. Or, if they’re anywhere within a 1/4-mile radius of where I’m trying to work. It’s just not worth it. BUT, I love love love the lazy mornings of summer, the adventures, the lunch picnics in the backyard and the evenings that seem to stretch on for hours.

eight. I signed the girls up for swim lessons. They start Monday. There is going to be a lot of post-swimming ice cream trips to get us through the next 10-weeks of lessons, but seriously. These girls need to learn to swim and they need to know asap. (I like to say it A-sap, instead of A-S-A-P, in case you were wondering.)

nine. Here’s my Wednesday: Girls to school. Groceries. Finish up an article. Or 12. Get Meg from school. Quiet time for the little ones. Work time for me. Prep dinner. Play date for Janie. Bust out the door when Josh gets home for more work and a PTA board meeting. Crash into bed. (because thinking straight post-PTA meeting is impossible.) Also: Attempt to squeeze in a treadmill run. Write a few thank you notes. Write a few business New Years cards. Vacuum. Fold the clean laundry.

ten.  Now it’s about 5am on Wednesday morning. Just wrapping things up, catching another hour of sleep (I napped between 2 and 4am!) before Meg comes stomping down the hallway to watch cartoons and beg for a morning snack. Best news… that pesky headache is finally gone.

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2 Responses to “being 10 things from me.”

  1. Molly Says:

    Omg. How can you do all of that and not sleep?! Wonder Woman!

    • katie. Says:

      You’ll be glad to know I got only a FRACTION of those things done yesterday, Molly! I just like to dream big when it comes to my to-do lists! :)

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