being joss and main with alexandra hedin.

First things first. Let me make sure you know — it’s Joss and MAIN, not Joss and STONE, like I kept typing into my browser. Joss Stone is that soul singer chick that was popular in approximately 2004. She does not have a website that features curated products for your home. That I know of.


My very stylish friend, Alexandra Hedin, is the featured curator on Joss and Main this morning. Her colorful collection opens at 11 am EST, so that means, that at 8 am in Seattle, I’ll be waiting anxiously at my laptop, hitting the refresh button until her pretty picks come up! I even heard, from a little birdie who looks great in a ponytail, that they are featuring Alexandra’s book, Entertaining at Home, for a super good price. I highly suggest you snag a copy… or six.

Joss and Main is an invite-only website, but I promise that it’s as easy to get started as Alexandra makes entertaining look. Click HERE to be added to my invite list and see what Alexandra has in store.

I’m going to pop back in later today and tell you what my faves are and what I couldn’t resist leaving in my shopping cart!

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2 Responses to “being joss and main with alexandra hedin.”

  1. Alexandra Hedin Says:

    You are a peach! And stay tuned because the sale doesn’t start until tonight! DYING!

  2. Kacie Says:

    Love this collection. I’m addicted to Joss & Main!

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