being a rainy tuesday 10.


1. I’m working this afternoon, which means I’m at my office, which means I’m at the Starbucks that’s a block away from my house. But, there were no tables, so I’m sitting at one of these ridiculous bistro tables and feeling like a top-heavy flamingo that’s going to fall over at any moment. I hope that there’s a small child underfoot to break my fall.

2. The girls are taking swim lessons on Monday nights. We’re at the pool for about an hour, between both of their lessons and I’ve found out, very quickly, that I’m not a pool mom. Being in there makes me feel sweaty and annoyed and ohmygod would you please tell your child to stop kicking the bleachers and is every book club on Queen Anne reading Gone Girl right now and are you people really showering your kids at the pool and putting them in pajamas and why didn’t I think to put some anti-humidity product in my hair before I left.

3. Someone tell me — how are the margaritas at the Great Wolf Lodge? Like, in the pool area? Can I order one at my cabana? How much do the babysitters that are going to take my children in the pools charge? Is the room service menu good? Wait. WHAT? NONE OF THOSE THINGS EXIST THERE? Fuck.

4. I’ve been running again. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

5. I didn’t tie my shoes today, which are my running shoes and I’m wearing them with yoga pants. I’m going for that effortless, overly styled athletic chick look. I don’t think it’s working.

6. Speaking of shoes. These are at the top of my wish list right now.

7. I’ve been trying SO HARD to get into Casual Vacancy, which is the new book by JK Rowling, but I just can’t do it. Has anyone read it? Should I stick with it?

8. Things I did last weekend: Went to the Alumni Lunch at SPU. Things that made me feel old last weekend: Being at the Alumni Lunch at SPU and realizing it’s been 10 years since I graduated. Things that made me feel young last weekend: The fact that most of the people at the lunch had graduated in 1983.

9. The number of emails in my inbox right now: 194. The amount of money on my Starbucks card: $0.34. The number of Weight Watchers points I have left for the day: 16. The number of miles I ran this morning: 1.3. The number of times I drove to Queen Anne from Magnolia: 2. The number of Advil I’ve taken today: 3.

10. Reminder to Sara K. Willy: Get me that salad recipe. You know the one.

Don’t forget about this sweet giveaway. I’ll throw in a pack of baby wipes to clean up your kiddos afterwards.

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4 Responses to “being a rainy tuesday 10.”

  1. Andrea Says:

    You are brave trying Great Wolf. We’ve told our kids that only grandparents are allowed to take kids. Brilliant I think!
    As for the pool, we are on a long-term hiatus from the Ballard pool because I can not handle it. All the reasons you mentioned, plus having all kids with me means the ‘family restroom/shower’ was our best friend. That was until it was occupied every time I tried to use it by men who were very obviously not there using the pool facility and for the amount of time they were in there I didn’t really want to think about what was going on. We just wait for summer and do our lessons at Blue Ridge, especially looking forward to this year when all 3 kids can be in the pool at the same time and I can sit on the side and ignore the hell out of all of them for 30 minutes!

    • katie. Says:

      That’s SO SMART. Thankfully, we’re going with other families, so we’ll have backup/mental support.

      I can’t WAIT for summer pool time. Where is Blue Ridge???

      • andrea Says:

        North Ballard, right over by Swanson’s Nursery. Private pool for residents, but they open up for lessons during the summer. This will be summer 4 for us and we love it.

  2. Jenni Sandmeyer Says:

    Oh my gosh…you make me laugh!

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