being a guest post. {sheena}

I begged some of my favorites to guest blog for me while I’m away this week, asking them to send me their 10 random thoughts. Meet Sheena, who is actually the brilliant mind behind The Invisible Hostess here in Seattle… and sometimes she lets me borrow her baby for the afternoon too. Also, how amazing is her hair?


1. Are you kidding me? Bill Clinton is a guest of the Betty White Birthday…excuse me, SECOND… 90th birthday special. Am I the only person on the planet that doesn’t get it?  I think she’s funny, I’m impressed at her sudden zeitgeist popularity, but I refuse to think her poop smells like roses. As creeper Creed from The Office so wisely said, in reference to following Michael Scott’s jerk nephew’s Twitter feed, “Everywhere I look it’s Betty White this and Betty White that. Finally a kid who’s not talking about Betty White.”

2. I laughed for five days straight and then cried for 10 when I realized the character I most identify with on that show is the weirdest.

3. I have an unhealthy obsession with eyelashes. Length and thickness – I have spent stupid amounts of money trying to figure out how to give myself my own lash extensions to avoid the monthly fill fee…ironic. The only reason I don’t get extensions, and this is not a lie, is every time I think of the money I would spend on such a vain alteration of my face, I picture villages in Africa that don’t have clean drinking water and I can’t do it. Stubby eyelashes = #firstworldproblems. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of unnecessary vanity rituals I go through on a monthly, hell, daily basis that are equally unjustifiable, but for some reason, eye last extensions lead me to think of dehydrated villagers and I can’t do it. Sigh.

4. “I am slowly realizing there will never be a time when I am “all caught up” so I might as well enjoy the hell out of whatever I am doing… I don’t want to let “owing” someone something stand in the way of ease — I owe myself my freedom, my joy, my engagement, my passion.” – Molly Mahar of Stratejoy.  This was a revelation to me.

5. If I could only wear one outfit for the rest of my life, it would be skinny stretchy jeans, boots, and an oversized sweater.  I always feel comfortable, yet put together in this outfit.  Like, “I’m an awesome Mom-on-the-go!” is what goes through my head.

6. I’ve had some serious “what am I worth” debates in my head lately and I have my husband and this lady to thank for sorting me out. Why do I place my value in our home on how much coin I put in our bank account? If that’s how I measure value, I’ll NEVER feel good enough. As my insanely supportive husband pointed out, my contribution to our home (childcare, housecleaning, general life organization) has a price tag and I save our home from spending that. My contribution also allows him the ability to do his job, so we can have the life we have. I wear a lot of hats — wife, mother, business owner, to name a few — and while the Benjamins aren’t piling up, what I do for our family means the Benjamins aren’t flying out the door either. Hey mamma at home or from your desk at work – you are incredibly valuable.

7. I have awesome kids. They are crazy cute, very funny and if I didn’t have to be sober for 9+ months, I’d totally have more of them. Who’s with me?

8. For my fellow entrepreneurs out there, my favorite piece of advice from entrepreneur Natalie Bradley is very simple: “Blinders Up.” What does that mean? Like a horse that is kept on track by putting blinders on its face, put up your own blinders and ignore what the people around you are doing.  Who cares what your competition is doing? Be your very best, be genuine, never be jaded and don’t waste your breath comparing yourself to others.  “Blinders Up” my friend.

9. A Generation Y Mother’s Prayer: “Dear God, Let those that value the privacy of intimate moments be damned so my kids aren’t cursed by the potty training photos I posted last week that will haunt them for all eternity.  May those that chose to not post every waking hour of their child on Facebook be questioned, ‘What are you hiding?’ so my over exposed son will have a one up at his college interview. May the video of my two-year old daughter running after a squirrel be considered a valuable workplace trait displaying her ability to work with others when she’s interviewing at age 32.  And may all of my selfy pics knock it out of the park on the first try till the day I die.  Amen.”

10. Can I turn this into a diaper bag?

11. Have you seen PBS’s three part series, Prohibition? Part 1 is the most fascinating.  What we consumed as a country that led to the prohibition movement is disturbing – and this is coming from a woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant again because she doesn’t want to be sober for 9 months.  The average male American drank the equivalent of a fifth of whiskey a day  – A DAY!  Just think on that for a minute. (Sheena wrote 11 random thoughts. She’s totally an overachiever like that.)

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One Response to “being a guest post. {sheena}”

  1. Chelsea bell Says:

    Oh my do I love this. Sheena, some other thoughts: your hair is dynamite, that Instagram you posted while “working from home” last week was my favorite of the past 6 months (it is what I look like 24-7 without the ability to throw my hair up. See my first thought.) I’d take baby L is a New York minute if I lived like with even 30 min of Seattle (ask kyk where I live; it’s just this side of shocking), and lastly: for lash-sake: lilash. You will not regret that purchase. Ever.

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