being a guest post. {cortney}

I begged some of my favorites to guest blog for me while I’m away this week, asking them to send me their 10 random thoughts. Meet Cortney. I can’t even tell you how much I adore her and how much she makes me laugh. While we’re only just getting to know each other, I love her outlook on life and I can tell you, as a witness to them, that she has some really great shoes. Among other places, you can find Cortney at HaitiBabi.


  1. 8:43pm. Children in bed – check. Heating blanket on – check. Teeth whitening trays on – check. Urine cleaned off my butt and the toilet seat that was left on by my three boys: Ben 42, Oliver, 10 and Tucker, 8 – check. It’s MOMMY time!
  2. First Quarterly Relationship Review with my husband (AKA: QRR) 2013: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas or Aria Las Vegas? THAT is my question?
  3. Today my eight-year old son said, “Wow mom. I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. I mean, New Year’s wasn’t a “real” holiday, but Valentine’s Day is!”  I want to know when did Valentine’s Day become a holiday?
  4. Odds are that it will be grey, cold, wet and crappy this weekend in Seattle. I have never thought of myself as a feminist, but I am taking a recommendation from a fellow 40-something female and have just sampled: Naomi Wolf’s Vagina: A Cultural History. Stay tuned…
  5. My love-hate relationship with Seattle continues. I have been following Seatown boy, Ben Haggerty, musical stage name Macklemore, for a while and feel like a proud mamma seeing him recognized in Time Magazine for reaching number one song without a record label. I relate SO strongly to the fervent individuality that comes out of Seattle and adore the creative genius that overflows from the Pacific Northwest incubator.  I just wish it all wasn’t covered in my great grandmother’s itchy, grey, musty wool barn blanket.  If there were more sun here would it be the same, just better?
  6. Output from my kitchen in the last three days: Chocolate chip muffins, brownies, meatloaf with homemade scala bread, sautéed mushrooms, rosemary roast potatoes and blasted broccoli, carnitas sliders with homemade sweet onion pickle, eight-layer fudge torte, chocolate mud bars, pancake breakfast, three-dozen Beyblade-themed cupcakes, multiple “Jamba” style smoothies… Oops, I lost track of the rest.
  7. Just inked the calendar. I am co-hosting a fundraiser in February for HaitiBabi with THE most amazing Spanish woman in Seattle. A book club at Sofia’s house with special guest, another phenomenon Seattle popped out: Maria Semple.
  8. Mental health needs to be a priority – guns should NOT be acquired by ANYONE with a history of mental illness.
  9. My ten-year old grifter made $16 from adults swearing at the Super Bowl party we went to, and then had the audacity to ask for $10 a week for allowance.
  10. Crap, I forgot to buy milk and the washer just dinged. There goes Mommy time!


And, Cortney’s cute picture too… just for good measure…

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2 Responses to “being a guest post. {cortney}”

  1. operationhaveitall Says:

    I consider a compilation of 10 random thoughts a highly credible indicator of one’s personality. Therefore, I heart this Cortney person. Thanks for the intro!

  2. Bill Gates Says:

    May Adam Richman and NBC catapult you amongst the stars where you belong.

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