being three times too big.


A surgery that has been three-years in the making, Janie is having her tonsils and adenoids removed this summer.

I think that the exact quote from the surgeon was, “Oh yeah, those need to come out.”

When Janie was five, she started getting vicious ear infections. I think there were eight that year — horrible, middle of the night, raging infections that took us to the doctor over and over again. Motrin barely touched them. Holistic treatments were temporary. Night after night of leaky hot water bottles and cartoons on the couch with her at 2 a.m. while she squirmed with pain.

After that year, the infections mellowed out, but found a new routine. Ever since, even the slightest of sniffles result in an ear ache for Janie. Not enough to get her to the doctor, but annoying and painful enough to keep her home from school until the cold — and the ear ache — have passed.

We eventually came to learn that while her ears didn’t necessarily need tubes, her tonsils were more likely the source of her misery — they were three times larger than they should be. Suddenly the snoring, the holding her breath at night and the fact that she sleeps sitting up in bed all came into the equation too.

Less than two months until those bad boys come out.

(did you know that they don’t let you keep them to take home in a jar anymore? growing up in the 80s was way cooler.)

(also, recommendations about the procedure, the recovery, what to expect are welcome!)

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7 Responses to “being three times too big.”

  1. bobop Says:

    Popcycles!! Lots of Popcycles!! Cold and will help keep he hydrated!! Bobop

  2. Kelli Diane (@kellidiane) Says:

    My recovery was miserable. Lots of popsicles, milk-based smoothies, and ice cream; be careful with soups because anything with a tomato or otherwise acidic base is painful beyond words.

    • katie kavulla Says:

      I forgot that you had yours out recently! The surgeon said that one reason to have them out now, rather than to wait and see how they develop is because the recovery when you’re older is SO much worse. Thanks for being my case in point.

  3. KT Says:

    Avoid anything citrus-y and especially tomato-based products (they can mask any bleeding going on). Watch Janie like a hawk for *constant swallowing* – this is a cardinal sign of bleeding at the removal sites! Lots of popsicles for sure and keep coughing and nose blowing to a minimum so she doesn’t reopen the wounds. Love, Nurse KT

  4. Traci Says:

    Tyler got a lot of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” everytime he was as the doctor with an ear infection or cold or whatever and they looked down his throat….his were HUGE! He was younger, but had felt so cruddy up to that point that he literally was bouncing off the walls when he woke up — he felt soooo much better.

    He loved the popsicles!

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