being that time macklemore watched josh dance in a cowboy hat.


not pictured: macklemore.

The girls had their long-awaited for dance recital yesterday, which means that our entire weekend was filled with dance-related activities, which means that we’re fucking exhausted today.

And, if you didn’t already hear, Seattle’s beloved Macklemore happened to be there. I hear via my reliable Queen Anne source that he was there to watch a little dancer in his life. Josh happened to be outside of the school, mid-recital, running Everett around when Macklemore walked in and then promptly ran inside to tell Meg. Their conversation went like this:

Josh: Meg! I think I just saw Macklemore!
Meg: Did you say hi?
Josh: No, I was too shy.
Meg: I’m going to say hi to him when I see him, Daddy.

Josh was also pretty pleased that Macklemore got to watch him dance on stage during the father-daughter portion of the recital… as a cowboy. Back-up dancer potential for his next music video? I think so.

Hoping our little dancers inspired you, Mr. Haggerty. Feel free to use Meg’s bluebird spotlight dance solo as needed.

And, of course, some more shots of our little dancers who did beautifully at the recital. Janie, who only has two more years of dance with Lynn left, especially shined and worked so hard to make every mark. And, Meg, in her coveted bluebird outfit, nailed her first on-stage recital with style and grace as only Meg could do.

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