being the 30 parks of summer. {an introduction.}


Summer vacation is less than a week away and in between work and hanging out with big time celebs, I’ve been planning out our summer because, when it comes down to it, popsicles and backyard sprinkler sessions will only get you so far.

I’m excited to introduce The 30 Parks of Summer, a project that will live on Being5.

3 kids. 10 weeks of summer. 30 seattle area parks.

Despite all of the kid-friend exploring that I do for work, there are so so so many parks and playgrounds that we have yet to visit in this city that we love so much… and what better time to get out there and discover them than in Seattle’s most gorgeous months!

What’s in it for you, my dear readers? A real life guide to Seattle’s parks and playgrounds — the things we loved and the things we didn’t (trust me, these kids don’t sugarcoat it!), what to bring and what to leave at home, and of course, the exact location of the closest place to grab a coffee on the way to each park, for obvious reasons.

Keep an eye on the Being5 Facebook page for pictures and updates on where we’re visiting each week, as well as on Instagram and Twitter¬†where I’ll be using #30parksofsummer.

Now, here’s where I need your help… tell me the parks we need to add to our list! Tell me your favorites! Park suggestions outside of the city and on the Eastside welcome too.

Playdate, anyone?

(psst! are you a seattle blogger who’d like to guest post to cover your favorite seattle park?¬†are you a business who would like to sponsor a 30 parks post? let’s chat! email me at

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7 Responses to “being the 30 parks of summer. {an introduction.}”

  1. xxkrustee Says:

    I recently discovered Lakewood Playground in South-ish Seattle. It was a nice park and lots of children/parents, which is what I’m always after. Neighborhood setting and close to PCC, so you could grab fixins for a picnic!

  2. andrea Says:

    I’m going to plug our newest local (North Ballard) park, Kirke Park. Located on 9th and 70th it is a great little spot. Nice playground, small sandbox and enough green space to run around, plus a nice community garden. Bonus that it is located near Honore and Take 5 Urban Market, two perfect spots to stop for provisions for a picnic.

  3. katie kavulla Says:

    OH! I know right where that is… and, a stop at Honore to top it off! Perfect!

  4. Sarah Says:

    There are a couple great ones in the Issaquah/Sammamish area, if you are willing to travel. We could meet you.

  5. Katie m Says:

    You guys should check out the new spray park in White Center on 11th and Cloverdale. It’s a fun little adventure in this hot weather!

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