being too many choices.

I have such a hard time making decisions sometimes. I like to blame it on my inherited over-analytical nature. I’m looking at you, Dad. Trust me when I say that if I was in a room with my brothers and my dad and we were trying to decide where to eat, it would take us approximately 3-5 hours to decide on the perfect place. Then, once we finally decided, someone would chime in with one more possibility. Seriously. We could be a SNL skit with this shit.


Josh asked me where I wanted to go to dinner for our anniversary next weekend and my head is spinning with options that I can’t seem to pin down.

HELP ME before Josh decides that he’s just going to take me to Dick’s for a Deluxe and a shake to celebrate the big 11. (Although, now that you mention it, that sounds pretty good too…)

Other suggestions welcome. Feel free to leave a comment to add to the madness.

For your reference: The Whale Wins. Cafe Presse. The Pink Door. Delancey. Revel. Bitterroot.

4 Responses to “being too many choices.”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Serafina’s on East lake union
    Palisades on magnolia

  2. Lo Says:

    so many fun new restaurants to try! can’t wait to come home. Happy early Anniversary! remember it like it was yesterday. xo

  3. andrea Says:

    Have you tried Joule? Shared building with Whale Wins, it’s my go-to these days. We also tried Bar Sajor down in Pioneer Square last weekend and really enjoyed it. One last one that I haven’t tried but has been recommended several times is Bar Cotto. Happy Anniversary!

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