being 23 things i bought at target yesterday. edition four.


Talking about Target is SO POPULAR now. I mean, hello? Have you seen Target Does It Again? You absolutely MUST follow them on Instagram. File that under things I wish I’d thought of, just under that stupid Where’d You Go Bernadette that I devoured. Don’t mind my bitterness. I adore them all.

Now, back to business…

23 Things I Bought at Target Yesterday! 
(Including the bonus round: One thing that I bought, but that didn’t even come home with me.)

1. Diapers.

2. More diapers. A different kind.

3. Meyer’s Dish Soap in lemon verbena. My favorite scent.

4. Method Dish Soap in tomato vine for Neighbor Sara. Which happens to smell just like weed. Not that I’d know. #igrewupinbellinghamduh

5. Dryer sheets.

6. This book for Janie.

7. Gum.

8. Gum for Janie.

9. Strawberry jelly. In a squeeze tube.

10. Two boxes of macaroni and cheese. Monster’s University edition.

11. Those apple sauce in a pouch things.

12. Bread.

13. Milk. (I think the Target brand tastes odd. Just me?)

14. Hand sanitizer. Getting a jump start on school supplies this year to hopefully avoid this situation again.

15. Deodorant.

16. More deodorant.

17. Burts Bees shave cream for Josh. Just noticing it rang up for nearly twice as much as the sign said.

18. Set of two teeny tiny composition books for the girls. Seriously. They’re only about three-inches big.

19. Pink erasers. 2nd Grade school supplies.

20. Apparently, more pink erasers, which we didn’t actually buy.

21. This sassy binder in pink and gold to organize my meal plan stuff.

22. A Hot Wheels car for Ev. Obviously.

23. The bag they charged me for to carry all of my goodies home.

Okay, tell me what you’re most recent Target list looked like — were there erasers involved?

More Target lists on Edition 1, Edition 2 and Edition 3.

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2 Responses to “being 23 things i bought at target yesterday. edition four.”

  1. Molly Says:

    I have a long list of my Sunday purchases. I’m totally going to copy you and blog it now. Thanks Katie, I needed some blogspiration!

  2. andrea Says:

    Yesterday was supposed to be a quick, relatively inexpensive trip, ha!
    Our spoils:
    -8 Early Reader books (vacation necessity)
    -2 boxes of swim diapers (daily lessons x3 weeks)
    -Knock-off American Girl Doll outfit and extra shoes (birthday gift)
    -Swim shampoo
    -2 new bathing suits for Lu
    -3 new tank tops for me
    -Gallon of Goldfish

    and $168 later we were out of there.

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