being sun. glassed. {a tragic tale.}


I’ve been having a very very VERY hard time finding a new pair of sunglasses. The ones I’ve been wearing were circa 2004. I’m not kidding. They were scratched and glued back together countless times, but I loved them. Considering I’ve been doing repairs on them at least once a week for the past six-months, I knew that I had to pick up a new pair of sunnies (are we still using that term?) soon and I’ve been trying some on as I shop, but with disappointing results. Online browsing hasn’t been much better. Sure, I’ve found plenty that I’ve loved, but most of them include “Tom Ford” in the description and there is no way that I was spending $400 on a pair of sunglasses that Everett would likely put on upside-down and pretend to be a rapper in. Not doing it.

A few weekends ago, Josh and I popped into the GAP downtown on our way to dinner. I needed (wanted) a denim jacket┬áto wear over my dress and just like that, he grabbed a pair of sunglasses off of the rack that he thought I’d like and I fell in love. They are black. Big. Not too hipster-esque. And, they were $25, before a 35% off email coupon that I remembered I had at the last moment. They aren’t available online, but they probably have them at your local GAP too, in case you can’t live without them.

Am I the only one who is a total sunglasses cheapskate? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Editor’s note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but hadn’t posted it. Since then, Everett has, indeed, broke my beloved new sunglasses. Currently, the arm is taped back on with leopard print duct tape. I wish I was kidding.

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2 Responses to “being sun. glassed. {a tragic tale.}”

  1. mona concepcion (@kirida) Says:

    I have had expensive pairs of sunglasses which my kids have broken and unless I have some great plastics lab which can melt it back to normal, they’re gone. So I buy mine from Target and they totally work for me.

  2. Lo Says:

    I am currently coveting these bad boys…

    Now if only I could find a sugar daddy.

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