being 7 things before i make the kids lunch.


1. They’ve having mac n’ cheese for lunch today. From the box. And not the organic kind. The kind with radioactive “cheese” powder. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

2. Tonight is our neighborhood block party. We close down the street and party until the sun comes up. Or, until our children start screaming. Whichever comes first. I’m bringing baked beans (they’re very good. my SIL’s recipe.) and cupcakes in cones for a cupcake bar. I love neighbors. They’re the best.

3. See that picture? That’s Josh’s view from work today. Straight from Jersey over to Manhattan. I might be bitter. A little. (a lot.) If I told you that I’ve never been to NYC, could we still be friends? I hope so. Although, I feel like if I went, I might never come back.

4. We had to cancel our plans to go camping this weekend and while I was really looking forward to going, I was not looking forward to packing, so I figure it’s a wash.

5. Article of the day: Should you leave Facebook for these family-friendly social media sites?

6. Did you watch the Bachelorette finale last night? Can we discuss how Seattle is such a hot spot for Bach/Bachelorette couples? Jason and Molly? Sean and Catherine (she’s from Seattle)? That dark haired chick who was the runner-up a few Bachelors ago and lives on the Eastside and is married to a professional football player or something? Lindzi Cox? And now, the adorable Dez and Chris (who I hear is even hotter in real life, per my sources). I thought their ending was the most genuine I’ve ever seen, didn’t you?

7. ┬áTo-do list for the rest of the day // Write 3 articles. Email a ton of people. Put the clean laundry away. Do that huge stack of dishes that isn’t doing itself. Get Everett to nap. Convince (bribe.) the girls to clean up the basement playroom. Clean the pink bathroom (yes, we have a pink bathroom). Watch something trashy on TV. Go to bed before midnight.

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2 Responses to “being 7 things before i make the kids lunch.”

  1. mona concepcion (@kirida) Says:

    My list is just like yours except none of the 1-7 and only the trashy tv.

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