being summer style.

I’m always so torn about summer clothes. While I don’t really care for shorts, nor do they look that great one me, I can’t really get away with wearing dresses all summer long because chasing after Everett on his balance bike just isn’t dress-friendly.

Here’s what I’ve been wearing this summer… I can’t say that I’m all that pleased with my summer wardrobe (or my wardrobe in general right now…), but it’s getting me by on these hot, casual, hit-the-park days.



First of all, yes, I am the last person on earth getting a French pedicure. Okay, now that we’ve gotten that awkward moment out of the way, we can talk about these shorts, which I’m loving this summer. They are actually from the pajama department of Target (you can find them here) ¬†and they’re so soft. Obviously. They’re pajamas.


Okay. Shorts with flats. I wore them this summer and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Do you wear shorts with ballet flats? I need encouragement. (also, don’t mind my wonky, crooked legs. can we see why i have knee issues? yikes.)


This was a risky pattern move, but I needed SOMETHING to distract from how way-too-short these shorts were (find them here at Target). I’m not sure it was a match made in mismatch heaven, but, if there is one thing I learned from working at Anthropologie all that time, it’s that matching is overrated.

What are you wearing this summer? Do you have a go-to outfit?


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One Response to “being summer style.”

  1. mona concepcion (@kirida) Says:

    I really love colors this summer. I wore this bright mint/seafoam dress from Love Culture and I got so many compliments and because I am a compliment-NEEDY person, I was like, all seafoam all the time! Now I’ve added more colors! I look like fiestaware.

    But you look great in shorts and flats. I totally wore the same thing because I hate showing my feet. But you wore it best!

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