being 68 thoughts about the 2013 MTV VMAs.


I don’t even know who is hosting the show this year.

I think this is the most covered up I’ve ever seen Gaga on stage.

Do you watch Princesses: Long Island? Doesn’t Amanda, the gal who is dating Jeff, kind of remind you of Gaga?

Okay, now she’s nearly naked, she seems a bit more authentic. That’s the Gaga we know… and love.

I spy the Macklemore gang. Can’t wait to see what they’re all wearing.

Is that One Direction? They look way older than I thought they were. Aren’t they 16? Okay, nevermind. That one looks about 12.

Selena Gomez has slept with a least 2/3rds of those One Direction guys. And Taylor Swift.

Is Katy Perry wearing a grill? Is Grill capitalized?

Please, Miley. Don’t ruin Robin Thicke.

Oh my. I’m suddenly very glad I didn’t let the girls watch this with me.

I mean, how did the creative concept come together for this?

I actually really like this song and think that she’s talented and cool, but I don’t get it.

Half of One Direction likes it. Half of them do not.

Do you think her backup dancers are putting this on their resume? I’m saying no.

Robin Thicke, with the biggest song of the summer, didn’t deserve being stuck with that.

He might need therapy with Dr. Seaver afterwards.

Also, I wish that Robin Thicke was 10-years younger.

Is that Lil Kim or Latoya Jackson? I can never tell.

Wait — the VMAs are in Brooklyn this year? Hipsters rejoice!

Holding my breath for Macklemore…

YAY! Winners!

Ah, loving the proud, teary moment.

I want that necklace Tricia is wearing. Who has sourced that pretty thing?

Sit down, Taylor Swift. That collaboration is NEVER EVER EVER happening.

Is this guy the host?

I hate that stage. Too much stuff.

Rihanna is not interested.

Of course Jared Leto is here because we’re in Brooklyn. Gosh, I miss the old Jared Leto. Jordan Catalano-style.

Oh, Kanye.

Do you think if he wins an award, he’ll thank Kimmy? I’m guessing not. (Is he even nominated?)

All of the gimmicks in this award show are starting to bug me. Guys with space helmets? Really? I’m over it. Couldn’t they have tamed things back a bit?

Taylor Swift is wearing a Grammy dress to the VMAs.

Okay, that One Direction dig was funny, Taylor. I’ll give you that.

Same Love. Nice work.

Mary looks pretty.

I want to see a Gaga/Macklemore collaboration. She was totally brainstorming it right there.

I love Jimmy Fallon. I think he’s the newest creative content genius on the block. So funny.

JT. You really just can’t go wrong. He hits it on the head every.single.time.

Although, I’m not into those white shoes.

When are he and Jess having a baby?

Note to self: Justin Timberlake Pandora station. ASAP.

Do they sell tickets to the VMAs? Or do you have to know someone?

Will Smith is loving this.

Rihanna. If you don’t know the words, don’t sing. That’s rude.

That backup dance looks just like Reese Witherspoon.

Taylor Swift is dancing like she’s in ‘da club right now. In her Grammy dress. And fancy hair.

Black and white. Who wore it better? Justin or Robin?

Justin’s mom has been rocking that same hair style since the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse days. Not good.

I don’t know who these guys are. I think they pulled them off of the streets of Brooklyn, from the looks of that hair.

Those first few bars of Same Love give me chills.

Love the little shots of Ryan Lewis singing along in the background.

Jennifer Hudson! Good call.

Oh. This is a MOMENT. I’m feeling Mary Lambert. This is good stuff.

You know what the VMAs are missing this year? JONAS BROTHERS.

(that was a joke.)

I don’t know who that Artist to Watch kid is, but Miley Cyrus is totally hunting him down tonight. And making him wear a teddy bear costume.

TLC. That made my night. They haven’t aged a bit.

Okay, maybe TBoz has.

So, this is Drake? Do we like him? He seems sensitive.

Rihanna is still not impressed.

The gangsters are super into it.

He could have been styled better for this.

Did you see that girl next to Bruno Mars cringe when they read his name? Oops.

I just fast-forwarded through that entire Bruno Mars performance. Sorry. Not my thing.







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2 Responses to “being 68 thoughts about the 2013 MTV VMAs.”

  1. Molly Says:

    Oh I love Robin Thicke and JT and Jimmy so much. Sometimes when I need a little pick me up I watch Jimmy Fallon & Mariah Carey sing All I Want for Christmas, makes me smile every time.

  2. Tessa Marie Brewer Says:

    Miley should go back to being Hannah Montana! Hope no children look up to her anymore!

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