being 71 things you were already thinking about the emmy awards.


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I do like Neil Patrick Harris. But, he’ll always be Doogie in my eyes.

These big opening montages bore me. I don’t need them. Let’s get to the show already.

(Do I say that at the beginning of every. single. award. show. or what?)

You called it via Instagram today, CB. Burgundy is the new black. NPH is rockin’ it.

Neil’s eyebrows should have their own show. Those babies are moving all over the place.

Loving Jimmy Kimmel’s wife’s dress.

The vest under Jimmy’s jacket is making him look short. Shorter than he is.

Jimmy Fallon. My favorite. Please tell me Robin Thicke is there to do a little song montage with him? Please?

Conan’s hair is just out of control. What if his hair and Neil’s eyebrows made a baby?

Also, Conan is very tall! He’s making Neil look like a wee little thing!

“I come to award shows for the TWERKING!”

“It might be degrading, but we would be de-grateful.”

(I love them.)

I want to know who styles Tina Fey. She always nails it, but I know she’s not picking those dresses for herself.

I want to be best friends with Claire Dunphy from Modern Family.

Am I the only person who thinks that Jane Krakowski is annoying? Anyone? Anyone?

I tried to watch Nurse Jackie, but wasn’t into it. But, that opening acceptance speech was great.

Is LL Cool J really still wearing those hats? Yikes. And I thought I was stuck in 2001.

I met Rainn Wilson in a hallway one time. He’s super cute in person.

Who is this writer chick stealing the mic before Tina Fey? Doesn’t she know she’s up there with TINA FEY?

The Deshanel sisters. Zooey wins best dress. Emily wins best hair and makeup.

Let’s talk about Veep. I don’t like it.

Why did they feel the need to tell everyone he grew up in Tallahassee?

Robin Williams looks like a mob boss tonight. Did you know he has a new sitcom coming out? With Sarah Michelle Gellar? I’m not kidding.

OH NO. That can’t be Don Draper. I can’t take the serial killer beard. Can’t take it. Make it STOP.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has aged very well. And, this purse holding thing is the best.

Will Arnett has no shame about the fake tan situation. He goes for it. I admire that.

I think the lady presenting with him is wearing that Phillip Lim dress from Target.

Wait, do did she win? I don’t get it? Where did this lady come from?

And, more importantly, what the hell is she wearing and who told her those curls looked okay?

I can’t take the Q&A thing.

The director for Modern Family is gorg. I love her dress.

I take that back. It’s way too short.

Sofia looks pretty in blonde… and red… and everything.

I watch that new Arrested Development. Was it a full season? Someone fill me in.

Elton John is on retainer for every award show forever. He plays at all of them, doesn’t he?

I just finished watching The Big C and the end was pretty damn good. Laura Linney deserved that award. Wish she was there to receive it.

I’m missing the crowd shots at this award show. I need to see more people dressed in pretty clothes, please.

Should I be watching Game of Thrones?

Claire Danes looks amazing.

OMG. He died? And that’s his wife? Oh goodness. She was so graceful.

Also, WTF is Tammy Taylor wearing?

All very good nominees in the Outstanding Supporting Actress for a Drama.

The Breaking Bad wife is majorly hiding those cheekbones when they film. Hello. She’s super pretty. So is her dress.

I think that was the first ever sister-in-law thank in the history of awards.

Ah, Cory. What a handsome guy he was. That was a nice tribute.

I was just wondering where the song and dance numbers were. I mean, isn’t Miley waiting in the wings somewhere? I’d love to see Neil twerk.

To read: Mindy’s book. I hear it’s funny.

Who is Steven? He’s pretty.

Tell me that the Amazing Race isn’t going to win again, because it’s pretty much the same show over and over and over again.

Okay, maybe I wish it had won over The Voice. My parents love that show. Is that the one with Shakira?

Mark Burnett has a huge crew.

Kerry Washington is to die for.

“The men are much more beautiful than when I was doing television. I don’t know where you all came from, but I’m happy to see you.”

Okay, I watch a LOT of TV and I feel like I’m out of the loop. Again. Broadway Empire? Help.

I hope that Jon Hamm wins. And, that he’s already shaved off that beard.

Jeff Bridges has two albums. Better add THAT to your Pandora list.

Now is the part of the Emmys where I just want to fast-forward through the boring parts.

So many actresses nominated in this category.

I hope Claire Danes gets Botox, because she seriously does that brow-furrowing thing. A lot.

Claire Danes and January Jones look a lot alike. Except that January Jones is the slutty version.

Okay, Under the Dome. That show sucked me in this summer. It’s like Lost, but with butterflies. And a dome, not an island. And there isn’t a plane crash.

Okay, it’s nothing like Lost at all.

So, are they having the winners be the next announcers? That’s so weird.

Bob Newhart is one of those guys that I can never remember if they are dead or alive. Apparently, still alive. And, he gets the first standing ovation of the night.

(I’m fast-forwarding. Sorry.)

WAIT. Is that the So You Think You Can Dance crowd? Stop the presses!

If I could look like anyone in the world, it would be Heidi Klum.

(Fast-forwarding again. Sorry Steven Colbert.)

Oh, James Gandolfini. What a touching tribute.

And… my recording cut off there. Fill me in. Who were the big winners at the end?

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2 Responses to “being 71 things you were already thinking about the emmy awards.”

  1. mona concepcion (@kirida) Says:

    I didn’t watch the emmy’s last night because I was too busy/worried/nervous about Breaking Bad. I don’t know what I’m going to do next week. I don’t!

    And I totally agree with the Claire Danes/January Jones version, though I’m sure if Claire Danes played Betty, I wouldn’t detest that character SO MUCH.

  2. Lisa Reibin Evans Says:

    Missing you in the hood… BTW I love “Veep” (minus all the cursing), but awafully #$@ funny. Loved the Will Ferrell bit with his kids… thought that was probably one of the best bits of the whole show. I favour beards although Hamm/Draper could have groomed it a bit. Krakowski IS uber annoying. Conan is tall (seen him here in Seattle when they must be visiting his wife’s family) …and his hair with NPH’s brows (hmmmm) interesting thought. Kerri Washington was robbed, Homeland is good but Danes is not that good… but overall you pegged the night. Well done!

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