being cast.

Waiting for her audtion

Over the weekend, Janie had her first audition for a production outside of school. I’m pretty sure that I was far more nervous than she was, which proves, even more, that being in theater is her thing. She was trying out for a local production that is a parody of the Nutcracker — just up her alley — funny, some singing parts, a chance to act silly and stretch her acting legs at the same time.

After a little bit of a wait, Janie’s name was called and she walked through that door to prep and then audition while I sat and had a panic attack and tried not to look too much like an anxious stage mom. It was hard. I’ll tell you that much.

Her audition was pretty quick — a song, telling a funny story, taking her measurements and she was done. It likely only lasted 10-minutes, but I felt like she was back there for 10-hours.

Later than night, we got news that she’d been called back the next day and then, last night, armed with encouraging words and a stash of “sorry, you didn’t make it” ice cream waiting at home, we went down and checked the cast list.

And… she landed a part! Appropriately enough, she will be playing the part of a 4-year old screaming ballerina.


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3 Responses to “being cast.”

  1. Keridwyn Says:

    Love it! Congrats!

  2. katie m Says:

    OMFG! So awesome Katie!! We just went to Shrek the Musical in Burien and there were a few kiddos playing parts. We went on the last day so all the moms were practically crying watching their kids. The moms of the teenage actors were just as proud as the moms of the younger kids. So cute.

  3. Lo Says:

    I freakin’ love that kid! Proud Aunty/God mama moment. xo

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