being the day the scarf came out. {and other random thoughts}

fall scarf

I’ve had most of my scarves packed away and kind of forgot about them… until this morning, when I dug this pretty thing out before I ran out the door. I’ve missed her. She’s my favorite and makes up for the fact that I have bare legs and am wearing a light-colored denim jacket. (I’ve had mine for about 10-years, but you can still find them here at Nordstrom.)

The guys next to me are discussing airplane seats, at length. Although, sometimes, their conversation turns to car seats. It’s very confusing, and oddly enough, also very informative.

We’re taking family pictures this weekend and I am having a hard time pulling together outfits. Last time, the girls were in stripes, which is always fun, but I’m thinking about something a little cozier for fall. (spotted in those pictures: favorite scarf. i told you that i love her.)

I can’t believe that Kris and Bruce actually split up. Also, I spent WAY too much time last night browsing Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram account. And Scott Disick’s. (you’re welcome.)

Pandora is playing all of my favorites this morning. Dirt Road Anthem. American Honey. Don’t You Wanna Stay. All in a row, at that. It’s the sure sign of a good day to come.

I just read that the rapper, Nelly, said that we shouldn’t have to pay taxes while the government was shut down and I think he’s on to something there. In fact, I say we hand the entire federal government over to the rappers. I bet you shit would get done. Kanye for President and Kimmy as First Lady? They’d get my vote.

Feeling thankful for new friends this week.

And, missing old friends.

Trying to get up the guts to make a work-related move, but oh, it’s so hard to step off of that ledge and into the unknown. Maybe a new pair of shoes would help.

My non-work to-do list: Clean the bathroom. Help the girls write birthday thank you notes. Fold the clean laundry.

I’m going to order some glasses from Warby Parker. Anyone have tips?

Dear Tieks. I’m stalking you. Love, Katie.

Josh has been having really bad luck since we moved to Bellingham. Things keep getting lost or sent to the wrong person or shipped to the wrong city. It’s very weird. I told him he needs to have a cleansing or something. Maybe get saged? Do you think the drum circle at Boundary Bay would work?

Every time we watch The Amazing Race, I always think about what we would wear for matching outfits. Does anyone else do that? No? Just me

They’ve cranked up the A/C in Starbucks, which means it’s time for me to go… Why do I always pick the coldest spot in the entire store? Brr.

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5 Responses to “being the day the scarf came out. {and other random thoughts}”

  1. staci Says:

    Katie, I just love you and the way you think!!!

  2. Traci Says:

    You are such a gifted writer…so entertaining! :o)

  3. lisa imus Says:

    So many thoughts….I want to order from Warby Parker too. Have a couple of friends who’ve had good success. I haven’t had the time to think about it. Also probably need to get that eye exam first:)

    Kanye for Pres? The racists in this country would have the same reaction as they’re having to our current Prez. But, you’re right…maybe more would get done.

    I filed a tax extension so I’m getting ready to enter tax hell in the next few days. I’m lovin’ Nelly’s idea—I don’t have to file if they don’t have their shit together by the 15th. Of course, if they don’t raise the debt limit, I’ll be broke cuz we’ll go into a nose dive DEPRESSION (personal and economical) so it won’t matter anyway.

    LOVE the Nordy’s scarf….and Tieks. I’m stalking them too. Have a coupon somewhere I need to use.

    Why would anyone have the air on today???

    I think that’s it for now.

    We still need to get together…

  4. courtney Says:

    I have Warby Parkers and I love them. If you kill your blog, you’ll never know these things about me. :(

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Oh how I love that rapper controlled government call. We might go from ashy to classy (Nortorious BIG) and that’s officially the second time I’ve used that quote in one day. New record.

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