being a book review & giveaway. {the survivalist series}

Going Home by A.American

What would you do if you were driving home, still a couple hundred miles away, and a natural disaster happened that wiped out all electronics? Your car is dead. Your precious iPhone is worthless. You can’t even turn on the radio to see what’s happening… not that anyone would be able to broadcast anything anyway.

This is the reality of GOING HOME, the first book in THE SURVIVALIST SERIES by A. American. (catchy name, huh?)

(In case you’re wondering, I’d probably cry. A lot. And hope that I was wearing good walking shoes. Gold clogs are going to be pretty worthless if I have to hike home.)

As I’ve confessed before, Josh is a bit more, shall you say, obsessed with this apocalypse-style fiction (and non-fiction) than I am, so I thought that these books could be a good way to see what he’s reading, without getting myself caught up in the heavy-hitter conspiracy theory dramas that he seems to love (and that I seem to not understand). We’re doing our own little mini-book club with these books and this series is so much more appealing to me because it feels like what the main character, Morgan Carter, goes through, just to get home to his family and to survive, feels real. And, best of all, it’s palatable for readers, like me, who aren’t “preppers.” GOING HOME breaks down what is happening in bite-sized pieces, as sort of an introduction into the world of disaster-fiction. I’m anxious to get through the first book and move on to the next two…

Want to grab a copy of GOING HOME or the other books in THE SURVIVALIST SERIES? Find them on Amazon — they’d make a great Christmas present for the disaster-obsessed!

To enter to win a copy of all three of THE SURVIVALIST SERIES books:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me the one thing you’d bring with you as a survival item. (I’d bring mascara, obviously.)
  • If you “Like” Being5 on Facebook, you get an extra entry, (please let me know in the comments section that you do!)
  • Entries accepted until Friday, December 13, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. PST. US/Canadian Residents only, please. You must be 18 to enter and win. Winner to be announced on

TLC Book ToursThis book review and giveaway was in partnership with TLC Book Tours. They sent me a copy of this series for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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9 Responses to “being a book review & giveaway. {the survivalist series}”

  1. jtfontenot1 Says:

    Ok this made me a little anxious but I still want to read it! I would bring Advil because I think a lot of walking would call for Advil!

  2. Candace Says:

    This sounds like a TV shows that we watch. I think I would want a printed picture of my family with me. It would inspire me to keep me going.

  3. staci Says:

    Oh my goodness, you and Josh sound like Bob and I!!!!! He preps or reads about prepping and I get more and more confused….hehehehe
    I would bring…..gosh so hard to chose just one….I guess a gun….

  4. Molly Says:

    These actually look like something I could read :) I’m usually a stick my head in the sand kinda gal but really should prep!
    Would love to read these with my hubby. And, obv. I follow you on FB!

  5. Lo Says:

    Jp loves these types of books! I’d bring matches…because it seems like a good idea :)

  6. tessamarie1424 Says:

    Id bring soup so I could start a fire and eat one last good bowl of soup! I also liked being5 on fb.

  7. Chelsea Says:

    Tweezers ovb. I’d just feel for the rouge eyebrow hairs with out a mirror;) I love these kind of books:) I get it, Josh!!

  8. A. American, author of Escaping Home, on tour December 2013 | TLC Book Tours Says:

    […] Monday, December 9th:   Being 5 […]

  9. Heather J. @ TLC Says:

    Books like this freak me out but I read them voraciously … let’s just hope I’m never in that kind of situation for real!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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