being 12 days of giving with {day 7}

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 7 Banner

If there is one giveaway that I want to win from the 12 Days of Giving, I think it’s this one. I love love love (yes, that much) the Men’s Clarks Desert Boots and although I would be so very sweet to win them for my lovely husband, I want those babies FOR MYSELF. Are you doubting me? Let’s go to Pinterest for some inspiration. How about this look? Or maybe this one? And hello, I want to dress like this every single day.

Not into the Desert Boots, you can also pick the Women’s Clarks Mortimer Liz, which are pretty cute themselves.

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 7

Which would you pick? Are you on Team Desert Boots with me? Or would you be nicer than me and get them for the guy in your life? (I do love the Desert Boots on guys too, FYI. Pinterest proof HERE.)

To enter, go HERE, where you can also find all of the details about the giveaway on the Blog.

Did you win yesterday’s Born giveaway? Check for the winner HERE.

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2 Responses to “being 12 days of giving with {day 7}”

  1. Andrea Says:

    This is fate. I’ve spent my morning jumping between J Crew, Banana Republic and Clark’s trying to decide which boot to order for Jon. Fingers and toes crossed that I win!

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