being the end.

the end


Well, friends.

This is the end of Being5.

After nearly four years of sharing my life, watching my kids grow, making some of you laugh, some of your cry and most of you cringe at some point or another, it’s time to move on.

Lately, sharing personal stories about our family, and particularly the kids, has become harder. They’re older. They have friends. They have friends with moms who I don’t know, but who I know read this blog. It gets tricky. Very tricky. Life as a blogger is a good one, but it’s also a complicated balancing act of blog vs. reality.

There are new things to come. I promise that I’m not disappearing all together. In fact, if you look around closely enough, you’ll see what I’m working on… and (hopefully) I can share that with you by the end of the month. It’s still me. Maybe with less swearing. You’ll have to get together with me in person for that now.

Pushing the “publish” button on this post is much harder than I thought it would be… Deep breath.

With so much love for each and every single fucking one of you,


(you can always, always, always find me at and i would love, love, love to hear from you.)

2 Responses to “being the end.”

  1. Lo Says:

    love you babe. xo

  2. bellingFAM: Hello and hi and nice to meet you | bellingFAM Says:

    […] (with Jimmy Fallon by my side). I’ve been a blogger for nearly 9-years, most recently on Being5, which I closed the chapter on in early […]

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