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being on two-wheels.


So, I may have had to bribe her with an ice cream sundae to get her to practice, but look how far she’s come in just two days!

being not so selfish.


When I picked up Janie from school yesterday, she was in a horrible mood, as she often is (usually because she needs something to eat) — even refusing and throwing a fit about walking to the grocery store to pick up dinner ingredients. To say she was freaking out would be putting it mildly — there was a lot of tears, a lot of foot stomping and even jumping up and down, and a lot of screaming. I told her she was being selfish — that just because she didn’t want to walk to the store, didn’t mean that the rest of her family shouldn’t have what we needed to make dinner. When I called her selfish, I wasn’t exactly sure if she knew the true meaning of the word. She insisted that she was not selfish, but I wasn’t really listening to her, telling her we’d could discuss it more when she was ready to stop screaming at me.

Backing up a bit, apparently there was some confusion with her yearbook order and she told me that she didn’t get one in class yesterday. We did a little investigating after school and the librarian was certain she’d sent one with Janie’s name on it. I told Janie I’d send a note to her teacher in the morning to see if it was somehow overlooked in the classroom, but this morning, when I was writing the note, Janie told me, adamantly, that she didn’t want a yearbook after all, which I knew was far from the truth, considering she spent all last summer coveting last year’s edition.

At that moment, I happened to be cleaning out her backpack (to make sure there weren’t any stray toys going to school with her…) and came across a sticky note with her name on it — one that was likely on the yearbook she received in class yesterday.

I realized quickly that she did get a yearbook and asked her to tell me the truth about what had happened.

At first she lied, telling me that she didn’t get one, but then broke down, admitting that she did, but that she gave it to a friend who hadn’t bought one.

It wasn’t until I sat down to write this that I realized that not only was I so proud of her for being selfless enough to pass along her yearbook to a friend who didn’t have one, but that I was sick to my stomach about calling her selfish yesterday.

Deep sigh. Another parenting moment and life lesson to think about… courtesy of my not-so-selfish seven-year old.

(PS. I sent her with money this morning to buy a new yearbook for herself in the office. Fingers crossed that they still had some extras.)

being my dance moms audition.


I can see how the downward slope to becoming a stage mom is a quick and slippery one.

It all starts with me snapping at Janie to hold still while I put a second coat of mascara on her already naturally long and lush eyelashes, and the next thing I know, I’m stopping by the drugstore to pick up travel-sized hairspray to keep in my purse, just in case of last-minute stray hairs.

From the looks of things, you’ll be able to catch me on the next season of Dance Moms.


This post isn’t really about me. And my child makeup application skills. It’s about Janie, who performed so beautifully in her dance recital this weekend.

(you have to admit, her makeup looks good, doesn’t it?)

Janie’s been dancing for a few years now and this is the first time she’s been in a class where they got to wear the big, poofy, fancy recital costumes — it was quite thrilling for us all and Josh and I spent the entire recital in awe of hold old and mature she’s become. Janie will be eight-years old in just a few months, which is mind-blowing. I’m not sure how long Janie will continue to dance — she loves dancing, but it certainly has become a commitment the past year (having classes on Monday nights certainly didn’t help) — I hope she sticks with it long enough to find out if she is truly passionate about it.

being 14 pictures of our kids that i did not take.


Thank goodness that Kaitlyn, our lovely nanny, can get great pictures of the kids, because I can never seem to. She just sent me a huge batch of them — enjoy.

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being a neon blue wig that our babysitter just happened to have in her car.


Janie had crazy hair day at school today and we were planning on putting pigtails all over her head, until our babysitter just happened to have this insane blue wig in her car.

being unaware of where the time went.


wasn’t she just a baby?


janie at age seven.

first day of dance.

royal blue class.


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