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being 10 things we did this weekend.


we have lice

after i took this picture, i threw some lice shampoo in my cart. just to be safe.

one. Josh made beer on Friday night, which means that I fell asleep on the couch before 9 p.m. It was lovely. For both of us.

two. Finally watched the last episode of Breaking Bad. Oh, Walt. I wasn’t as thrilled with it as I expected to be, since everyone who watched it a few weeks ago was FREAKING OUT. I thought it was okay. Just okay. I’m sad it’s over, but I was ready to move on.

three. Laundry. A lot of laundry. Both washing and folding. And sorting and putting away.

four. I thought about Christmas. For about 18-seconds.

five. A friend left a little splash of moonshine at our house on Friday night. It was mixed with apple cider and some other stuff that made it really good. I drank it. And I didn’t go blind.

six. I’m not sure how I got an entire two-hours to myself this weekend, but somehow, the stars aligned and I did. I used it to watch Pitch Perfect, which was brilliant if you love movies about a capella. And college. And 90s music. That’s pretty much the movie trifecta for me.

seven. We took the kids to the marina to ride scooters. That sounds weird, if you don’t know that the marina in Bellingham has a really great paved path that goes all the way around it. They scootered their little hearts about and the fresh air had them fast asleep quickly last night.

eight. Meg and I have been working on a huge coloring sheet and we worked all weekend and getting it done. Almost there. I love to color and admit that sometimes, when she’s at school, I sit down and work on it for a few minutes. My favorite marker is this pretty lilac-ish/magenta-ish color. Also, I’m six.

nine. Steak. For. Dinner. (I’m still full.)

ten. Stayed up way too late last night, working and watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey in the background. I try not to write pitches when I watch that show because I start to come up with some odd ideas when I do… We’ll leave it at that. #somanysparkles

What did you do this weekend? Raise your hand if you went to the pumpkin patch! (everyone.)

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being 14 random thoughts from bellingham.



1. I hear that it’s Friday?

2. I’m so tempted to take the kids down to Seattle this weekend to see Josh and help him out at the house, but I know that we’d probably set both him and the kiddos back a step, so we’re staying put. We miss him and he misses us. Just a few more days, right?

3. Tonight, I have a serious date with my email inbox which has over 300 emails to deal with. Not spam emails. Real emails that need real responses. (any suggestions of a place to go work in bellingham? somewhere that’s open late?)

4. Article of the day: Bloggers we love with books that we can’t put down on allParenting

5. Have you been watching The White Queen? I think it’s on Starz? It’s based on Philippa Gregory’s books, which I love (are you reading this, Mrs. Simon?).

6. I couldn’t find my calendar for about 10-minutes today and it nearly gave me a heart attack. Turns out it was on the front seat of my car. Also turns out that I need to finish unpacking and getting organized so that I can find my mind again. I think my brain is still packed in a box somewhere that says “Misc. Shit.”

7. Have you seen the picture of North West? Um, she’s a doll. I probably should say that she’s cuter than Beyonce and Jay Z’s little girl, but… Nice work Kim and Kanye. Now, let’s try not to make her an asshole, okay?

8. These boots. (need I say more?)

9. Meg, while looking at houses: “Mommy, does this house look like it comes with a puppy?” (no.)

10. Dear book club. Did you have fun last night? I missed you all. Who was the first to bring up the sex club? Love, Katie. (who didn’t read the book.)

11. I can’t even tell you how well the kids have been getting along and how good they’ve been since we moved. There have been hard moments here and there, especially without Josh here, but overall, they’ve been playing together sweetly for hours upon end and have been so helpful. I’m feeling very thankful for this smooth transition.

12. Today, I was trying to find those mason jar sippy lids online and instead of typing maSON, I typed maJOR about six different times before finally realizing why I was only getting camo flasks as suggestions.

13. The girls’ new school has early release every Wednesday. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet… It could be a great way to recharge in the middle of each week. Or, it could

14. Okay, now it’s actually Monday evening…

being empty minded.



I think my mind is empty today.

<Feel free to insert your favorite blonde joke here>

Here’s what I do know:

Meg has two big teeth coming in behind her two baby teeth on the bottom. We’re on Mission Wiggle Those Suckers Out.

Everett has discovered that putting things in the toilet is awesome. He’s obviously been watching “Sink or Float?” on Letterman again. Also, he’s not allowed in the bathroom by himself anymore.

I have a lot of work to do tonight.

I need to get groceries, badly.

Summer vacation is ruining my house. I think the entire first month the kids are back in school will be a fall cleaning session.

Book club is in one week and I’ve only read the first chapter. I mean, page.

I’m feeling a little stressed. A little overwhelmed. A little like I need to lock myself in a room and figure everything out and plow through my to-dos so that I can think again. By a little, I mean kind of a lot.

photo by me. flower by josh.

being 20 random things. summer vacation style.


note: it took me over a week to write all 20 of these, so… just go with it.

one. So You Think You Can Dance is back, which means that I’m going to cry over some crazy ass contemporary style dancing all summer.

two. I’ve officially survived two days of summer vacation.

three. I’m exhausted.

four. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this? Because, ohmygod. Andria posted these last night and I can’t stop staring at them. Seriously. Hello. Way to capture a moment, AL.

five. I organized my closet by color last weekend and there is something about it that is so comforting to me. Like, I can feel my blood pressure settle a little bit every time I open my closet.

six. We’re taking the kids to Wild Waves this weekend. Good idea or bad? I can’t decide. I’m hoping that it’s not raining, although, I’d rather have it be raining than crowded.

seven. I just browsed through the newest editions on Nordstrom and couldn’t find a single pair that I was obsessed with to share with you. Scratch that. I couldn’t find a single pair to share with you that was under $400.

eight. I think the most I’ve spent on a pair of shoes was around $250 for a pair of Frye boots. I’ve worn them about a dozen times in the six-years I’ve owned them.

nine. We took a little online poll about what Kanye and Kim would name their baby. My guess was that they’d name her Kanye West, because we know how Mr. West feels about himself. I’m pretty sure he only had a baby with Kim because he couldn’t have a baby WITH HIMSELF. I have to say, there were some pretty hilarious suggestions.

ten. Today, I calmed a frantic soon-to-be-kindergartner mom who was consumed with mommy-mill rumors. Can I tell you how fantastic it is to have your second child start school? I think I’m actually enjoying Meg’s kindergarten experience because I don’t feel like my head is spinning with the unknown. It’s really lovely.

eleven. There’s a new Kidz Bob version of Macklemore‘s Thriftshop. It’s pretty good. Especially when I still add the “motherfucker” parts.

twelve. We should go to this. Want to?

thirteen. I wish that my single girlfriends would give me little calling cards with their picture on it that I could discreetly slip to the single guys that are always working at this Starbucks. It would be so helpful. For all of us.

fourteen. Swim lessons. Every weekday for two weeks. It seemed like a really great idea when I registered and I’m sure that I’ll be pleased with the progress that the kids have made at the end of next week and really, they’re loving it. BUT, swim lessons is totally ruining the flow of my day. Lessons for all three kids, back to back to back, keep us there from 9-10:30 a.m. and by the time we get home, they’re wiped, hungry and semi-cranky, which means that the morning swim session is pretty much our activity of the day. Swim lessons, you’re cramping my style.

fifteen. My first book club is this week. From what I hear, I should hydrate for the next two days in preparation.

sixteen. I bought Macklemore tickets today. I originally had four amazing reserved seats in my basket, but something funky happened and the page accidentally refreshed and I lost them. And, I nearly cried. After trying for another hour, I finally got my hands on two general admission floor seats, which means that we’ll be in the crowd at the Key. Better brush up on those mosh-pit skills from the old days. (I’m not kidding.)

seventeen. We popped up to Menchie’s after dinner tonight, mostly to just get the kids out of the house for a few minutes and get some fresh air in their lungs before bedtime. I was disappointed with what I picked. Such a letdown. The whole thing tasted like plastic to me.

eighteen. Tonight was the first time ever that we’ve walked to Menchie’s without someone falling/tripping on the way there or the way home. It was a small miracle.

nineteen. My to-do list for Wednesday: Run. Clean the bathroom. Swim lessons. Play date for Janie. Housework. Eye surgeon appointment for Janie. Prep dinner. Work. Hopefully be in bed at midnight.

twenty. There is a jicama in my fridge right now.

being 10 catch up notes.



… because I’ve been so MIA lately. Same old story. Work. Kids. Sun is shining. Work. Repeat as necessary.

one. This season of Mad Men is boring me to death. THERE. I said it. And I feel so much better.

two. We did take down Everett’s crib last night, as his little bedroom is just too small for a crib and a bed and his vast collection of trucks. He had a harder time going to bed tonight, but I have faith. Right now, he just has his crib mattress on the floor — we still need to get a real mattress for his bed and apparently, one of those rails that keeps him in the bed, because I found him sleeping on the floor about 20-minutes ago.

three. Recent movies we’ve watched/I’ve watched: John Carter. Conception. The Babymakers. War, Inc. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. A Little Bit of Heaven. End of Watch. The Five-Year Engagement. The Bourne Legacy. This is 40. Loved them all, however This is 40 was probably my least favorite.

four. I think I joined a book club today. I haven’t been in one in years, but I love the crowd and I really need a kick in the ass to do more reading, so all signs pointed to JOIN. I have until May 16th to finish this book, which I’ve been reading since the holidays… I think. It’s good, but has slowed down, a lot.

five. Raise you hand if you ordered these shoes for your husband/male significant other in your life. Josh’s modeling debut was a huge success and I’m pretty sure that half of Seattle’s male population is going to be sporting Rockports this spring… or, like, 10 of them. I’m rounding that up.

six. I was obsessed with the coverage from Boston.

seven. What I have told the kids about this week: That we get to preview the new exhibit at the zoo. What I have not told the kids about this week: That we’re going to the dentist. Although, they might be equally as excited about going to the dentist — these pediatric dentist offices are pretty much like Dental Disneylands.

eight. At the top of my shoe wish list right now: these. And these too.

nine. That picture is the first one that I have on my Instagram account.

ten. Um, I wrote an article about yeast infections. Somebody had to do it.

being 5 things from starbucks on a rainy sunday morning.



Before I launch into my long work to-do list this morning, a quick hello from your favorite, apparently-I-only-blog-once-a-week-now blogger.

one. That’s the front seat of my car last week. Sometimes, I feel like I live out of my car and Thursdays are the worst, since the girls have dance. Spotted above: Janie’s backpack, a booster seat, my 30-pound purse, the dress Meg was wearing earlier, Janie’s homework folder, coffee from earlier that day, my beloved broken sunglasses, Meg’s lunchbox from two-days earlier. Not pictured, but present: Two-pairs of Everett’s shoes and about five of his socks, my laptop, about 25 pieces of paper/art projects that came home with the little kids, at least eight string cheese wrappers. Missing: My sanity.

two. I’ve been waiting until Spring Break to potty train Everett. And, as I was brushing my teeth this morning, I realized that Spring Break starts tomorrow. Dammit.

three. I ran a quick little contest on the Being5 Facebook page last night, which quickly turned into an inappropriate (yet, hilarious) discussion with a “reader” named Joe. Dear Joe, While I am hardly a modest gal, comparing the bra cup sizes of bikini baristas to that of Starbucks cup sizes was moving in a direction that had me concerned. Concerned, as in, I was afraid that you were about to post a picture of your penis on my Facebook page and tell me that it was a Venti. Can we keep it R-rated, please? Thanks, Katie. (also, if you’ve come to this blog by searching the words “venti penis” in Google, you’re going to be horribly disappointed.)

four. We’re making split pea soup for dinner tonight, due to a fridge full of leftover Easter ham. I don’t think I’ve ever had it, but I can remember, very clearly, driving up and down the California Coast and seeing the billboard for Anderson’s Pea Soup restaurant, somewhere between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. I think that billboard is still there.

five. Mad Men starts tonight and I’m going to make Josh watch it with me because I watched Prometheus with him last night. I think it’s only fair.

being things that happened in the last 10 days.


Pictured: Pretty hair for the school gala, practicing his balance bike, janie sharing her brother and sister in class, meg meets bowling, ev turns three, breakfast at starbucks, sick day playing, our first wedding in ages…

Um, hi there. Remember me?

Sorry to disappear on you like that. In the past few weeks, we’ve had the stomach flu, pink eye, ear infections, fevers, coughs, diarrhea, sinus infections and I don’t even know what else because I stopped keeping track. Every time I thought that we were on the mend, a new symptom would appear from a new child.

I don’t dare write that we’re feeling better, because the universe reads this blog and I don’t want her to think that I’m getting smug about our good health the past couple of days.

There were some things that I was dying to chat with you about in the past few weeks, so let’s get caught up before I get back to my long work to-do list…

I had to consider if I would watch a Jonas Brothers sex tape.
Apparently there are rumors of a Joe Jonas sex tape. I’m not really sure why we’re calling them “sex tapes” anymore, because I’m certain that tapes no longer exist. (Are there iPhone apps for DIY sex videos?) One of my favorite bloggers, Linda Sharps, who also writes for The Stir, compared Joe Jonas to Christian Grey, which made me worry that 50 Shades of Whatever nuts all over the country are now sending anthrax (and ball gags) in the mail to the Sharps Family. I mean, the last person on earth I would ever pick to picture as I was reading that “book” was JOE FUCKING JONAS. That being said — I’m totally watching the sex tape.

Women everywhere put on their Lulu pants and stared at their asses in the mirror.
Confession: I don’t own a single piece of Lululemon. That little piece of information probably just lost me 15 readers, not counting my loyal Canadian fans who are pretty sure that Lululemon is the second coming of Alanis Morisette (What? I can’t think of any famous Canadians.). I love that women are just now realizing that their workout pants are see-through,  while all of the guys are going, “Um, yeah. We’ve known for years. Thanks a lot for ruining our fun.” My fellow allParenting writer, Sherri Kuhn breaks it all down for us with 5 Reasons not to return your Lululemon yoga pants.

The sunglasses I’ve owned since 2004 finally broke.
I’m picky about sunglasses. Like, in such a way that I haven’t bought a new pair in nearly 10-years. That isn’t completely true. I’ve had three other pairs. All from Anthropologie and all that broke in an instant. I suppose it’s time to jump into this century and buy a pair of RayBans like the rest of Seattle’s early-30s-still-think-I’m-in-my-20s crowd, but I’m feeling hesitant. So, instead, before I headed out on a walk this morning, I glued the broken arm back on my 2004-editions. Done.

A pair of shoes made me speechless.
While I was at Nordstrom last week, torturing myself about what to spend my birthday gift certificates on (guess I should have bought sunglasses, huh?), the guy in the Salon shoes department (AKA, the fancy pants shoes), told me that their number one selling shoe was THESE. Apparently they sell over 200 units a month of this shoe (which he probably shouldn’t have shared with me and is probably in Nordstrom jail for doing so). My mouth was on the floor. Not only because I couldn’t believe that THIS was the most popular shoe at my beloved Nordstrom, but also because he brought me my size and thought that I would like them. Just because a girl wants a pair of white leather Tory Burch flip-flops, that does not, DOES NOT mean that she wants to take a nosedive into toe cap ballet flats WITH A BUCKLE.

Tell me, what have you been up to?

being a rainy tuesday 10.



1. I’m working this afternoon, which means I’m at my office, which means I’m at the Starbucks that’s a block away from my house. But, there were no tables, so I’m sitting at one of these ridiculous bistro tables and feeling like a top-heavy flamingo that’s going to fall over at any moment. I hope that there’s a small child underfoot to break my fall.

2. The girls are taking swim lessons on Monday nights. We’re at the pool for about an hour, between both of their lessons and I’ve found out, very quickly, that I’m not a pool mom. Being in there makes me feel sweaty and annoyed and ohmygod would you please tell your child to stop kicking the bleachers and is every book club on Queen Anne reading Gone Girl right now and are you people really showering your kids at the pool and putting them in pajamas and why didn’t I think to put some anti-humidity product in my hair before I left.

3. Someone tell me — how are the margaritas at the Great Wolf Lodge? Like, in the pool area? Can I order one at my cabana? How much do the babysitters that are going to take my children in the pools charge? Is the room service menu good? Wait. WHAT? NONE OF THOSE THINGS EXIST THERE? Fuck.

4. I’ve been running again. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

5. I didn’t tie my shoes today, which are my running shoes and I’m wearing them with yoga pants. I’m going for that effortless, overly styled athletic chick look. I don’t think it’s working.

6. Speaking of shoes. These are at the top of my wish list right now.

7. I’ve been trying SO HARD to get into Casual Vacancy, which is the new book by JK Rowling, but I just can’t do it. Has anyone read it? Should I stick with it?

8. Things I did last weekend: Went to the Alumni Lunch at SPU. Things that made me feel old last weekend: Being at the Alumni Lunch at SPU and realizing it’s been 10 years since I graduated. Things that made me feel young last weekend: The fact that most of the people at the lunch had graduated in 1983.

9. The number of emails in my inbox right now: 194. The amount of money on my Starbucks card: $0.34. The number of Weight Watchers points I have left for the day: 16. The number of miles I ran this morning: 1.3. The number of times I drove to Queen Anne from Magnolia: 2. The number of Advil I’ve taken today: 3.

10. Reminder to Sara K. Willy: Get me that salad recipe. You know the one.

Don’t forget about this sweet giveaway. I’ll throw in a pack of baby wipes to clean up your kiddos afterwards.

being 10 things from me.


iPhonePictures 703Flashback of Ev when he was just a tiny little thing…

one. I have an OMGmyheadhurts-type of headache tonight. I think that means that I got a lot of work done today. And, that I had a lot of ideas. Which I did. But still. Ouch you bastard. Go away.

two. Can we please discuss… Downton Abbey? The Bachelor? I watched DA over two days. Well, more like three. I watched some at 1 am after it premiered. But, I was also working and wasn’t fully watching it, so I had to go back and re-watch. Then, I watched some more the next afternoon, but fell asleep. And, I finally finished it up yesterday. It was everything I was hoping for. You? And, The Bachelor. I’m not really that into Sean. Are you? Too nicey nice. Those girls are going to eat him alive. I really hope he picks that Kacie from last season.

three. There are a million people I know on vacation in Hawaii right now. I’m having extreme jealousy issues.

four. Janie and I are reading this book together and we’re both devouring it. And, we just realized that there is a second book too. We read it together in her bed at night, after the little kids have gone to bed. We lay on her top bunk, snuggled under the covers. Janie puts on her headlamp so that we can see. There are often giggles. And chats. And sweet time together. I love the book, but I REALLY love her.

five. I’m itching for a new pair of shoes. Badly. I can’t even remember the last pair I bought. It’s been that long. I’ve had my eye on these for a while now.

six. Parents… You need to read this. Please. For the safety of your children.

seven. After this long school break, I’m starting to itch for summer. Trust me, I love having my kids in school. And, it is nearly impossible to work when they’re home — in fact, I don’t even try to work when they’re home anymore. Or, if they’re anywhere within a 1/4-mile radius of where I’m trying to work. It’s just not worth it. BUT, I love love love the lazy mornings of summer, the adventures, the lunch picnics in the backyard and the evenings that seem to stretch on for hours.

eight. I signed the girls up for swim lessons. They start Monday. There is going to be a lot of post-swimming ice cream trips to get us through the next 10-weeks of lessons, but seriously. These girls need to learn to swim and they need to know asap. (I like to say it A-sap, instead of A-S-A-P, in case you were wondering.)

nine. Here’s my Wednesday: Girls to school. Groceries. Finish up an article. Or 12. Get Meg from school. Quiet time for the little ones. Work time for me. Prep dinner. Play date for Janie. Bust out the door when Josh gets home for more work and a PTA board meeting. Crash into bed. (because thinking straight post-PTA meeting is impossible.) Also: Attempt to squeeze in a treadmill run. Write a few thank you notes. Write a few business New Years cards. Vacuum. Fold the clean laundry.

ten.  Now it’s about 5am on Wednesday morning. Just wrapping things up, catching another hour of sleep (I napped between 2 and 4am!) before Meg comes stomping down the hallway to watch cartoons and beg for a morning snack. Best news… that pesky headache is finally gone.

being a quickie.


ev took this picture a few weeks ago. i was trying on pants at target. i already deleted the ones of me without pants. you’re welcome.

This is all I can give you today. It’s that sort of week. Sorry.

1. Let’s talk about how hungry I am right now. Because I am. Hungry. I didn’t eat dinner, due to a dinner time meeting and now I’m hungry.

2. A few days ago, I was looking at our calendar for the end of the year and thinking it would be such a nice, relaxing holiday season. You know where this story goes, right? I think I put 12 things on our calendar today for between now and 2013. They’re all fantastic, fun things, but oy. My poor calendar.

3. Let me give you some advice. When they say they need someone to work on the school directory, you run. Run as fast as your little feet can carry you.

4. Currently obsessing over this coat, these boots, and this book.

5. Things I need to do tomorrow (I’m writing this Tuesday night, FYI) — get groceries, clean the bathrooms, figure out how to create a clone for Thursday, buy tickets to see Breaking Dawn, FINISH THE MOTHERFUCKING DIRECTORY, work, vacuum the inside of my car.


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