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being 5 things i wrote this week. {edition 3}



Was it just me, or did Friday take a really long time to get here? Janie and her friends were in the school talent show last night, which lasted late into the evening… Pretty sure there will be some sleepy kids in the ‘hood (and some sleepy parents!) today. We took it slow this morning too and it’s terribly stormy in Seattle today. Honestly, I don’t mind a bit — a cozy weekend at home sounds perfect to me right now! Maybe I’ll even get all of that laundry folded and put away? Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Here’s what I was up to this week. Tell me what you’ve been working on…

one. Raising girls: “They told me Legos were just for boys” (It’s amazing how becoming a mother to girls makes you suddenly find your inner-feminist.)

two. Get your mama workout on… inside your house (I count all of those trips up and down our basement stairs to change the laundry working out. At 30 loads a day, it adds up!)

three. 8 Moms we can’t wait to see on the Grammy red carpet (Still in denial that Kim and Kanye were a no-show. Didn’t they know I put them in my article?)

four. What moms really want for Valentine’s Day (This one is hilarious and I loved all of the answers that moms, who are fellow-writers and friends of mine, gave. My favorite answer? Dawn’s. You’ll see why.)

five. 8 Hidden parks for kids in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood (This is an older article that they re-ran this week… on the new Red Tricycle website. Isn’t it pretty?)

Thanks for clicking through to these and reading, liking, kissing, whatevering these articles. My editors like it and so do I.

TGIF everyone. xo.

being 5 things i wrote this week. {edition 1}



Sometimes, when I’m not here talking about ridiculous things like how I may need a CIA extraction point for the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend, I write for other people. People who pay me. Isn’t that nice of them? Here’s what I was doing when I wasn’t here this week…

one. Celebrity Holly Robinson Peete talks travel and more on SheKnows Parenting (first celeb interview! put that in the baby book!)

two. Moms with a cause: Sending dreams to Ghana on SheKnows Parenting (featuring a dear friend… i used to be their nanny, long long ago…)

three. The new 2013 TV shows on allParenting (what do we think of The Carrie Diaries? love?)

four. Team Niners or Team Ravens? Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Hotspots (we will be watching from the comfort of our couch, FYI.)

five. Here’s to hoping: Sonics Gear for Pint-Sized Fans  (can’t wait to get the kiddos some sonics gear!)

Thanks for clicking and reading! xo.

being weekend homework.


sneaky-kidWhen is Winter Break over again?

12 things I wrote recently when I wasn’t here, chatting your ear off…

On SheKnows Parenting:

Moms: Put the camera down and get in the moment

Having it all: Mom by day, doula by night

Moms with a cause: A Vision for Haiti

On allParenting:

Glam up your birthing gown

TV in the bedroom: A do or a don’t?

Warm up your bed for cold weather

On Red Tricycle Seattle:

Dinner Delivery Services That Make Mealtime Easy

Where Pink Meets Cupcakes: The Eastside’s Sweetest Spot to Party

Bon Appetit: Where to Enjoy French Cuisine

On Red Tricycle National:

Handprint Calendars: A Crafty Way to Ring in the New Year

Tooth Fairy Wisdom: A Guide for the Parents of the Toothless

Oh, Mittens! 8 Problem Solving Pairs of Mittens

being the best of 2011. x8.


I know we are all trying to put 2011 behind us, but one more thing before we jump head first into 2012… Then, I promise, I’ll shut up about it all.

I’m proud to say that some of my articles and contributions have made Best of 2011 lists this year. It was just about this time last year that I booked my first freelance job with Red Tricycle and I began contributing as the Seattle Scout for Stroller Traffic soon after. I hold both places near and dear to my heart, so these are happy moments for me.

(read Red Tricycle Seattle’s 13 Best Stories of 2011.)

(Read Red Tricycle Portland’s The Ten Best Stories from 2011.)

(Read Stroller Traffic’s Best of 2011.)

being some of my recent Red Tricycle Seattle faves.



More on my TV debut on New Day Northwest soon — I’m coming down from quite the cupcake high, thanks to PinkaBella, and am honestly, exhausted.

I just wanted to say a quick hello to Red Tricycle readers and King5 viewers who are new to Being5 and share with you some of my latest articles on Red Tricycle Seattle, who I’m honored to write for.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Red Tricycle’s email newsletters that put all the new articles straight in your inbox during the week, so that you don’t miss anything good happening for families in Seattle.

Here are some of my recent articles that I thought you’d enjoy…

Tired of Cooking? 5 Sweet Spots for Dinners To-Go in Seattle

Bowling Alleys for Families in Seattle

6 Comforting Spots for Comfort Food in Seattle

8 Must-Haves from the Newest Target Baby Catalog

being ten articles i’ve written recently.


I need to get my professional website up and running, but in the meantime, I’ll be posting them here. Just in case I’m not already harassing you enough with them on Facebook or Twitter.

1. 10 Best places to shop in Seattle and Portland for the SheKnows CityGuides

2. Blog reading made easy on SheKnows

3. Lots about Halloween on SheKnows including Apartment trick-or-treating, Tips for baby’s first Halloween, Cutting down on candy consumption and Fun Halloween activities

4. Ziplining Parks for Seattle Kids on Red Tricycle Seattle

5. Kid-Friendly Breweries in Seattle on Red Tricycle Seattle

6. 5 Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids on Red Tricycle

7. 50 Things to do this Fall in Seattle and Portland on Red Tricycle

8. Guide to Indoor Pools for Kids in Portland on Red Tricycle Portland

9. Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Portland on Red Tricycle Portland

10. Portland Kids Love the Oregon Zoo on Red Tricycle Portland

Plus, happy to be the one to break the news of the J.Crew Crewcuts Baby line on Stroller Traffic!

being self-pimping. the monday morning edition.


I’ve been meaning to post my latest articles for a couple of weeks now, but I keep finding more exciting things to write about. Like nailpolish. (ps. i’m currently wearing Gloria on my toenails and loving it!)

So, sorry in advance for the complete dump of articles for you to read (because you will read them all, right? and share them on Facebook and Twitter and on the bulletin board at your kid’s school and maybe even print them out and post them on the inside of your car windows so that people you park next to in traffic can read them as well? right?).

But seriously. Leaving comments, rating the articles with five pretty yellow stars and sharing them on Facebook does help me a lot (it’s a bit like my report card back to my editors), so if an article speaks to you, I would certainly appreciate the love. (thank you.)

Let the self-pimping begin!

On Red Tricycle —

Fresh Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Explore: Kid-Friendly Outback Kangaroo Farm

Best Stroller Routes in Seattle

Explore: Useless Bay

Cabin Fever: Family Camps in Washington State

Take the Family Out to a Kid Friendly Brewery

Free Summer Fun Around Portland

Best Mexican Food in Portland for Kids

Explore: Ski to Sea Festival in Bellingham

Spend More of Your Kid’s Birthday Celebrating!

Explore: Vancouver, WA

On the DealPop Blog —

Even the Water is Vegan: A meat eater’s experience at Seattle’s vegan Plum Bistro.

On the Girl Power Hour Blog —

UnderCover Mom — A Mother’s Day Confession

On SheKnows —

Can’t be with mom this Mother’s Day? 5 gifts to make up for it

Throw a Royal Wedding viewing party — 10 Steps to make it fabulous by Friday

CityGuide: Beauty in Seattle

CityGuide: Beauty in Portland

On the AboutOne Blog —

Ten things to do before bed to prevent the morning madness

Sanity Saver: Online Grocery Shopping

being self-promotion friday.


Happy Friday, everyone!

What are you doing this weekend? Here’s my to-do list (because you care, right?) — organize my desk, fold piles and piles of laundry, order contacts, finish reading The Bird Sisters, mail Jacob’s birthday present, take 10-on-1o pictures, do some more spring weeding in our front yard, clean the couches, organize some kid clothes to be sold, watch a movie & catch-up on our TiVo list, finish and mail Christmas/my birthday/Ev’s birthday thank you notes (I know, I know, CHRISTMAS!), clean out my email inbox (187 is too many), see Lauren, plan fun Spring Break activities.

Now, for your reading pleasure on this Friday afternoon, my latest articles! Please read them, love them, share them on Facebook and Twitter, give them five star ratings, leave comments, tell your mailman and favorite barista about them, etc.

On the DealPop Blog —

Seattle-cation: the new stay-cation.


On Red Tricycle —

Portland’s Kid-Friendly Food Carts


On the SheKnows CityGuides —

Boutique Hotels in Seattle

Boutique Hotels in Portland

Supplement to the Dog’s Day Out in Seattle

Supplement to the Dog’s Day Out in Portland



being my newest articles.


I’ve had a couple more articles go live in the past couple weeks — check them out, give them five stars, share and like them on Facebook, READ THEM!


Kid Friendly Spots to Watch the Super Bowl in Seattle on Red Tricycle.

Winter Activities in Seattle on the SheKnows CityGuide.

Winter Activities in Portland on the SheKnows CityGuide.

being my 1st red tricycle article.


I’m thrilled to share with all of you my first article on Red Tricycle, Best Seattle Playgrounds for Rainy Days.

If you live in Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles or San Francisco, or anywhere near these cities, I encourage you to sign up for the Red Tricycle newsletters. They are a great source of information for parents in these cities and beyond — they’re newsletters are concise, informative and relevant — no unnecessary fluff or hit-you-in-the-face advertising.

More where that came from — stay tuned!

psst. i’m announcing an amazing new giveaway on friday. but in the meantime, i suggest you enter my on-going giveaway HERE.


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