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being 5 things i love at my new target.



.me, in action, at target. taken by everett, along with 39 other photos.

Today, we spent some time running errands in our new town.

(I think “town” is appropriate for Bellingham, right? Bigger than a village? Not as big as a city?)

We picked up registration forms for the girls’ new school (which happens to be my OLD school), we stalked a few houses that we have our eyes on, tested out the quality of the closest Starbucks drive-thru… and, we went to Target.

Exploring a new Target is both exciting and nerve-racking. It’s fun to see everything in a new light, but the anxiety of being able to find all of your favorites without having to double-back through the aisles is enough to drive a girl to the bottle. Good thing they also sell wine at Target. (i don’t even drink wine, but whatever. you get it.)

I tried to find more favorites to share, but the girls discovered the knock-off American Girl aisle and we had to stand there for approximately 84-minutes while they debated about which outfit to share and by that time, Everett was close to throwing a fit and I didn’t want the Canadians to start staring.


FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottles ($13 each) // These were on the end of the aisle and were my favorite from the FEED Collection that was on display. I think they’re screaming for some iced tea.

Threshold Seagrass Large Milk Crate ($40, set of two) // I think that these are far better looking in person than they are online. I am certainly my mother’s daughter because I love a good basket.

Snack Bowls // Not found online // These were on the end of the aisle and I love this pattern. We have some of the other lunchbox containers from this collection and they’re so fun. I believe these little guys were about $2 each.

Jar Candles // Not found online // I hunted for these online too, but couldn’t find them. I believe they’re a new collection. Someday, I want to work in candle branding. How fun would that be? $13 each.

French Bull Collection ($35 and up) // I saved the best for last, obviously. I practically gave Everett whiplash (for the second time this week. silly car accident.) when I saw these pretties. I think that the Crockpot is my favorite, although, I wouldn’t kick that toaster out of bed either.


.this is how Everett was feeling by the time we left.

being 23 things i bought at target yesterday. edition four.



Talking about Target is SO POPULAR now. I mean, hello? Have you seen Target Does It Again? You absolutely MUST follow them on Instagram. File that under things I wish I’d thought of, just under that stupid Where’d You Go Bernadette that I devoured. Don’t mind my bitterness. I adore them all.

Now, back to business…

23 Things I Bought at Target Yesterday! 
(Including the bonus round: One thing that I bought, but that didn’t even come home with me.)

1. Diapers.

2. More diapers. A different kind.

3. Meyer’s Dish Soap in lemon verbena. My favorite scent.

4. Method Dish Soap in tomato vine for Neighbor Sara. Which happens to smell just like weed. Not that I’d know. #igrewupinbellinghamduh

5. Dryer sheets.

6. This book for Janie.

7. Gum.

8. Gum for Janie.

9. Strawberry jelly. In a squeeze tube.

10. Two boxes of macaroni and cheese. Monster’s University edition.

11. Those apple sauce in a pouch things.

12. Bread.

13. Milk. (I think the Target brand tastes odd. Just me?)

14. Hand sanitizer. Getting a jump start on school supplies this year to hopefully avoid this situation again.

15. Deodorant.

16. More deodorant.

17. Burts Bees shave cream for Josh. Just noticing it rang up for nearly twice as much as the sign said.

18. Set of two teeny tiny composition books for the girls. Seriously. They’re only about three-inches big.

19. Pink erasers. 2nd Grade school supplies.

20. Apparently, more pink erasers, which we didn’t actually buy.

21. This sassy binder in pink and gold to organize my meal plan stuff.

22. A Hot Wheels car for Ev. Obviously.

23. The bag they charged me for to carry all of my goodies home.

Okay, tell me what you’re most recent Target list looked like — were there erasers involved?

More Target lists on Edition 1, Edition 2 and Edition 3.

being 32 things i just bought at target. edition three.


Remember when we used to share what we bought at Target? (edition one is HERE. edition two is HERE.)

I miss that.

I needed deodorant and I had to get out of the house this morning to make sure Ev didn’t fall asleep too early (he woke up at 4:30 a.m.). That adds up to a trip to Target, if you ask me!

Here’s what came home with us today…


A cute striped sweatshirt for Ev.

Nightgowns for the girls. (I just cleaned out their jammie drawer… It was looking sad.)

DVD of Scooby Doo Meets Batman. (Best $5 I’ve spent all summer!)

Goldfish crackers. The space kind.

Fruit snacks. To bribe the kids to be nice on the way home.

Cereal x3.

Lunches that go in the microwaves for the kids. x3 (So that I could work when I got home.)

Mini French toast Eggos.


Deodorant for Josh and me.

Coconut shampoo for the kids.

Sandwich Ziplock bags.

A bag of balloons for the girls to play party.

New notebook for Janie. (her fave.)

Mailing envelopes x2.

Big sticky notes.

Scotch tape. (we are always running out!)

Two new packs of Playdough.

A little wooden train for Ev.

These boots for the girls for back-to-school. (They are buy one, get one half off and are super cute in person!)

What were the last things you bought at Target? Come on. Dish it.


being things i bought at target. edition two.


This was a totally pointless trip to Target. There were actually things that I needed, but didn’t get to making a list and buying them because we didn’t leave the house until noon due to a last-minute article and by then, the kids were already done. So, this was just a quickie trip for unnecessary items.

A new summer purse. (more on that later)

Pack of Orbit Peppermint gum

3 Composition books for getting my writing assignments and pitch brainstorms organized

Crayons, the big box, Crayola, of course.

Pip-Squeak Crayola markers, the fat ones.

2 Painting sets with little plastic animals to pull out on a rainy summer day

2 Spiderman coloring books

Magnetic dry-erase weekly calendar, which was a waste of money.


What have you bought at Target recently?


read edition one here.

being things i bought at target. edition one.


There’s something fascinating to me about the every day parts of people’s’ lives. I think that’s why I love reading blogs so much — I love hearing about how people live day-to-day — even the mundane is interesting to me. There are a few blogs that do a monthly “purse dump” post where they show you all the goodies that they haul around.I thought I’d put a new twist on this idea and include everyone’s favorite store — Target.

Introducing — Things I bought at Target.

Here’s how we’ll play. Every time I go to Target, I’ll post what I bought, from the boring to the fabulous.

I’d love for you to do the same — either on your own blog (leave me a comment that you did or link back to Being5 so I can see it) or in the comments below.

No timelines or guidelines. Just list as you feel. The only rule is that you can’t leave anything out from your list! Okay, if you bought hemorrhoid cream or something embarrassing like that, feel free to omit.

There are a few of you who I know are die-hard Target shoppers that must participate. I’m talking to you, Mrs. Platt and Mrs. Barton.

Here’s what I bought yesterday —

California Baby Tea Tree & Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash.

Johnson’s Baby Wash in Apple.

A set of disposable sippy cups.

Washable nursing pads.

Swim trunks for Everett — black with red and white skulls.

Easy off oven cleaner.

Clorox countertop spray.

An ombre style dress for me. (they don’t have it online, sorry!)

A pair of black leggings.

A white tee with green stripes.

Chambray skirts for the girls.

The new Junie B. Jones book.

A Spongebob Father’s Day book. (I was desperate.)

Bubble Yum bubblegum.

Two mini containers of cookies. (for bribes.)

Cinnamon Cheerios and Rice Chex. (2 for $5.)

Those peanut butter and jelly frozen sandwich things. (no idea what they’re called.)

Whole milk.

1% milk.

Vanilla coffee creamer.

Spiderman bubble bath.

Secret deodorant. Spring Fresh. 2-pack.

Kids’ shampoo. Coconut.

Kids’ swimming shampoo.

Assorted feminine hygiene products. (you don’t need the details there.


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