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being 5 things i love this week. edition 1.


5 things i love this week -- edition 1

From the top, going clockwise.

one. Phillip Lim launched their Target collection last weekend and I thought this dress was a cute addition and a perfect work option. Sadly (and surprisingly!), they didn’t have my size in my new Target, which I’m still getting used to.

two. This article from Kelly MacLean on Huffington, Surviving Whole Foods, was the hit article of the week and blew up my Facebook feed. I broke up with Whole Foods as soon as I realized that they didn’t carry roast beef. I don’t need that level of exclusiveness in my life.

three. I came across this Etsy shop, Teak and Teal, via a friend and have been stalking it ever since. She has a great eye for truly authentic mid-century finds. Also, my Etsy account seems to think I live in Great Britain. Hmm. Don’t mind that.

four. Paper Court Press was having a sale on their iPhone covers this week and I broke down and bought one. I’ve had mine for nearly two years now and it’s worn down. Plus, if I see one more chevron stripe, I’m going to have a seizure. I picked this pretty Watercolor Ombre Phone Cover in coral.

five. My friend Karla started a blog called Love It Need It and I most certainly love it. Find her on Facebook too.

What did you love this week? 

you know what else i loved this week? holding tight in the #5 spot for BEST PARENTING BLOG on KING 5’s Best of Western Washington awards. thank you. xoxo.

have an idea of something to love? zip me an email at being5blog at gmail {dot} com

being “just like the hamptons. only fucking horrible.”


fyi. video not suited for work. or play dates. or if your kids are in earshot. or if you’re sitting at starbucks.

I was going to write about something else today, but I can’t hold back this new obsession any longer.

Orange is the New Black.

At first, I was skeptical. This series is a Netflix-exclusive, which seemed to make me think that they couldn’t sell it to any of the major networks, so they just stuck it on Netflix and called it good.

But, I was so wrong.

I started watching it over the weekend, in between unpacking session, and got completely hooked. Like i’m-putting-the-kids-to-bed-at-5pm-so-that-i-can-watch-it hooked.

Add it to your must-watch list before the fall shows start coming back. It’s good in such a major way.

I don’t want to give too much away. Just watch it.

(are you already hooked? let’s chat. i’m only a few episodes in, so don’t give away any secrets!)

One of my fellow allParenting writers wrote this: 10 Reasons why you should be watching Orange is the New Black

being the little things.



I swear that sometimes it’s the little things that really make my day. Don’t you agree?

Last week, Tiny Prints sent me one of those “we miss you and want you to order something, so here’s $20 towards your next purchase” emails and I took them up on it. While it was hard to decide on what to splurge on, I went with the Memo Arrow Personalized Notepad in Walnut.

There’s nothing like a pretty place to keep my to-dos (of which I have many!).

This post was not sponsored by Tiny Prints. They simply sent me the credit as a regular old customer. 

being sun. glassed. {a tragic tale.}



I’ve been having a very very VERY hard time finding a new pair of sunglasses. The ones I’ve been wearing were circa 2004. I’m not kidding. They were scratched and glued back together countless times, but I loved them. Considering I’ve been doing repairs on them at least once a week for the past six-months, I knew that I had to pick up a new pair of sunnies (are we still using that term?) soon and I’ve been trying some on as I shop, but with disappointing results. Online browsing hasn’t been much better. Sure, I’ve found plenty that I’ve loved, but most of them include “Tom Ford” in the description and there is no way that I was spending $400 on a pair of sunglasses that Everett would likely put on upside-down and pretend to be a rapper in. Not doing it.

A few weekends ago, Josh and I popped into the GAP downtown on our way to dinner. I needed (wanted) a denim jacket to wear over my dress and just like that, he grabbed a pair of sunglasses off of the rack that he thought I’d like and I fell in love. They are black. Big. Not too hipster-esque. And, they were $25, before a 35% off email coupon that I remembered I had at the last moment. They aren’t available online, but they probably have them at your local GAP too, in case you can’t live without them.

Am I the only one who is a total sunglasses cheapskate? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Editor’s note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but hadn’t posted it. Since then, Everett has, indeed, broke my beloved new sunglasses. Currently, the arm is taped back on with leopard print duct tape. I wish I was kidding.

being a sweet anniversary surprise.



Josh and I don’t always do anniversary gifts, so I was tickled when he surprised me with this pretty necklace on Saturday. I’d seen it on Uncovet and pinned it to my “Most Wanted” Pinterest board, which is a convenient place to leave hints. Turns out it’s from Friedasophie on Etsy and now I’m obsessed with pretty much everything in their store (like this necklace and this gold-dipped necklace and this one too). The necklace happens to be my birthstone, aquamarine, and it is so delicate, pretty and easy to wear. I adore it… and him.

being 10 things you need from ikea.



A few weeks ago, when my mom was visiting, we make a little hop down to Ikea. It isn’t too far away — perfect for a little morning trip — and usually ends up with some goodies. My mom happened to need 100 of those green bins, pictured above. In case you were wondering, my car fits 100 bins perfectly.

I didn’t come home with much, but I did spot some goodies that are on my wishlist… (also, Everett seemed to think that Ikea was his own personal dance studio, obviously.)

1. My mom and I both loved these pillows… until we realized how dizzy they made us.

2. I have one of these doormats at home already and wish I’d seen them on our trip, because I’d love another one.

3. These duvet sets caught my eye for the girls — they come in more colors than shown here and I know that Janie would love the orange. I held back since I wasn’t sure which color Meg would choose. Ikea bedding isn’t the softest, but for little girls who love to leave open pens on their beds, the price is right.

4. These curtains always catch my eye. They’re much cuter in person.

5. Ikea is a great place to pick up cheap fabric too, as long as you’re looking for something unusual! I love picking up a few yards to have Josh make me table clothes for our long dining room table.

6. The bowls and cups for kids are awesome. Orange for Janie, pink or purple for Meg, whatever color is left for Everett. They’re a lifesaver. Don’t bother with these — they leak.

7. I have big big dreams for organizing our Legos by color into a system like this (swooning over yours, AB!), although with all white bins. I think we should put that on our summer project list.

8. My mom picked up this little set for the girlies for a you-had-to-go-to-school-and-we-played-at-ikea consolation prize and, surprisingly  all 10-pieces are still in tact, even a few weeks later!

9. These are the bins my mom needed. (Look mom, they went up in price, big time!)

10. One of my favorite things to stock up on at Ikea… these.

What’s the one thing you always pick up at Ikea???

(Are you like me and usually forget the one thing you came for in the first place?)

being glassy.




Well, it’s official. I’ve become one of those crazy Seattle women who is obsessed with glassybaby.

being c to the ozy.



Okay, that’s the lamest title I’ve ever written.

See, I can’t even think straight, I’m so consumed with my love for this blanket.

Josh came home with a pretty silver box with a pretty silver bow last week. It wasn’t my birthday yet and I’m not sure why he thought I would actually wait to open that box until my birthday. Silly.

This dream-sent of a blanket was inside and let me tell you, as a girl who spends a lot of time in the wee hours of the night working on the couch, long after the time when the heater has kicked off in the house, this blanket is my new best friend. It’s so soft that you can’t even feel it and I have banned anyone under the age of 30 in our house to use it. I did let Everett put his toes under it with me last night, but I quickly regretted that decision, as I saw him eyeing it suspiciously. Like, he wanted to eat a bag of Cheetos and then wipe his face on it.

Mmmm… Blanket…

(thanks, babe. xo.)

being joss and main with alexandra hedin.


First things first. Let me make sure you know — it’s Joss and MAIN, not Joss and STONE, like I kept typing into my browser. Joss Stone is that soul singer chick that was popular in approximately 2004. She does not have a website that features curated products for your home. That I know of.


My very stylish friend, Alexandra Hedin, is the featured curator on Joss and Main this morning. Her colorful collection opens at 11 am EST, so that means, that at 8 am in Seattle, I’ll be waiting anxiously at my laptop, hitting the refresh button until her pretty picks come up! I even heard, from a little birdie who looks great in a ponytail, that they are featuring Alexandra’s book, Entertaining at Home, for a super good price. I highly suggest you snag a copy… or six.

Joss and Main is an invite-only website, but I promise that it’s as easy to get started as Alexandra makes entertaining look. Click HERE to be added to my invite list and see what Alexandra has in store.

I’m going to pop back in later today and tell you what my faves are and what I couldn’t resist leaving in my shopping cart!

being clarisonic-obsessed.



I didn’t want one of these… until I REALLY wanted one. And, luckily, Santa pulled through for Christmas.

Now, tell me. I know that some of you are as obsessed as I am becoming. Give me your Clarisonic tips, notes, methods. I want to hear it ALL.


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