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being the day i decided to stop yelling.


everett chocolate cake

Do you yell as much in the afternoon as I do?

There’s something about 4 p.m. that makes me feel panicky. It’s as if in that next hour, I have to get done every single thing that ever needed to get done in the entire world.

Dishes. Dinner prep. Laundry that I put in the wash hours ago. Clutter pick-up. Homework and reading started for the girls. Make the bed. Wrap up work. Send a few more pressing emails. Call everyone who left me messages when I didn’t pick up my phone during the day (I never do). Get evening plans in line. Beat that motherfucking level on Candy Crush that’s been haunting me all week. Vacuum the front entry. Again. Keep the kids from driving each other crazy, or at the least from killing each other. BREATHE?

Every day. Same routine. And, I’m yelling the entire time.

God, it’s annoying. And I’m pretty sure my family hates me for it.

So, yesterday, I decided to stop yelling.

Everett and I were home, waiting for the girls to arrive via bus, and I let all of the mess just be while we made a chocolate cake. He did most of it himself, got chocolate batter from head to toe and licked the batters and bowl clean. And, I didn’t yell about it once.

Then, we got dinner started. We worked together. I didn’t yell at him when he put his hands all over the olive oil covered potatoes. Instead, he helped me spread them out on the baking sheet. Then, I gave him the salt and let him sprinkle it on the potatoes himself. We prepped the ham. He threw away the gross, ham-juice dripping bag himself. I didn’t yell. We emptied the garbage together. Emptied the dishwasher. Loaded it again. And cleaned up the kitchen, which was now a disaster. All without yelling.

Instead of yelling at him to get out of the kitchen while I did the dinner prep and dish washing, I invited him in. Instead of pushing him away, thinking I could do it quicker and easier without him underfoot, I made him part of the process and as a result, I spent my time enjoying his company and teaching him where to put the silverware, rather than wasting my time hollering at him from the other side of the house to stop doing whatever he was doing that was bugging the shit out of me, for no good reason.

The girls got home and the no yelling campaign came to a quick stop.

Meg is a yeller. I’ve made her that way. After all, when your mom is yelling all afternoon, you probably will too.

She yelled. And I told her, in my best, trying to be patient, non-yelling voice (I have to dig deep for that one), that today, we weren’t yelling. Then, I asked if she would sit with me and color while I finished up some work. The confused look on her face hurt. I’ll admit that. But she stopped yelling… for a least a little while.

I don’t want to yell anymore. No parent does. But many of us do. It’s a habit that sneaks up on you and it’s hard to break. Some days, I can feel the yelling raising up in my gut and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to suppress it, no matter how hard I try. In fact, the harder I try, on those days, the more the yelling consumes me. It’s toxic.

Today, I will not yell. And I won’t tomorrow. Or the next day. I have to quit, cold turkey. For my family… and myself. Because as shitty as it feels to be yelled at, it feels just as shitty, if not worse, to yell.

No yelling. Can it really all be just that simple? I hope so. I really hope so.

being 12 days of giving with {day 8}


12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 8 Banner

Wait for it… wait for it… ready? Day 8 of 12 Days of Giving is here, which means that it’s Dansko time! I’m not a great Dansko wearer (I always fall down in mine!), but I’m pretty sure that they are the official shoe of Bellingham Mothers, so I feel like I should give them another try. I think they have meetings. They must.12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 8

For the giveaway, choose from the Men’s Dansko Wade Boots or the Women’s Dansko Professional Clogs. I think it’s pretty amazing that these shoes come in so many different colors and crazy patterns, right? And, you get to choose which color/pattern you’d like for the giveaway! There’s a Dansko for EVERYONE! (I’m trying to be funny. Clogs are no laughing matter, friends. This is serious shoe business.)

Go HERE to enter the giveaway on the Blog, where they also have all of the giveaway details.

Okay, which one of you won my favorite Clark boots out from under me? Go HERE to see if it was you. (I’m not mad. Really. Okay, maybe just a little.)

Remember, we’re giving away a copy of MORNING GLORY HERE and a set of THE SURVIVALIST SERIES HERE. Both end on Friday!

being the 5-minute christmas tree hunt.


christmas tree hunting


Want to expedite your Christmas tree hunt? Go when it’s 18-degrees outside. It’s amazing how quickly you can find the perfect tree when you can no longer feel your toes.


being 12 days of giving with {day 7}


12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 7 Banner

If there is one giveaway that I want to win from the 12 Days of Giving, I think it’s this one. I love love love (yes, that much) the Men’s Clarks Desert Boots and although I would be so very sweet to win them for my lovely husband, I want those babies FOR MYSELF. Are you doubting me? Let’s go to Pinterest for some inspiration. How about this look? Or maybe this one? And hello, I want to dress like this every single day.

Not into the Desert Boots, you can also pick the Women’s Clarks Mortimer Liz, which are pretty cute themselves.

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 7

Which would you pick? Are you on Team Desert Boots with me? Or would you be nicer than me and get them for the guy in your life? (I do love the Desert Boots on guys too, FYI. Pinterest proof HERE.)

To enter, go HERE, where you can also find all of the details about the giveaway on the Blog.

Did you win yesterday’s Born giveaway? Check for the winner HERE.

being a book review & giveaway. {the survivalist series}


Going Home by A.American

What would you do if you were driving home, still a couple hundred miles away, and a natural disaster happened that wiped out all electronics? Your car is dead. Your precious iPhone is worthless. You can’t even turn on the radio to see what’s happening… not that anyone would be able to broadcast anything anyway.

This is the reality of GOING HOME, the first book in THE SURVIVALIST SERIES by A. American. (catchy name, huh?)

(In case you’re wondering, I’d probably cry. A lot. And hope that I was wearing good walking shoes. Gold clogs are going to be pretty worthless if I have to hike home.)

As I’ve confessed before, Josh is a bit more, shall you say, obsessed with this apocalypse-style fiction (and non-fiction) than I am, so I thought that these books could be a good way to see what he’s reading, without getting myself caught up in the heavy-hitter conspiracy theory dramas that he seems to love (and that I seem to not understand). We’re doing our own little mini-book club with these books and this series is so much more appealing to me because it feels like what the main character, Morgan Carter, goes through, just to get home to his family and to survive, feels real. And, best of all, it’s palatable for readers, like me, who aren’t “preppers.” GOING HOME breaks down what is happening in bite-sized pieces, as sort of an introduction into the world of disaster-fiction. I’m anxious to get through the first book and move on to the next two…

Want to grab a copy of GOING HOME or the other books in THE SURVIVALIST SERIES? Find them on Amazon — they’d make a great Christmas present for the disaster-obsessed!

To enter to win a copy of all three of THE SURVIVALIST SERIES books:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me the one thing you’d bring with you as a survival item. (I’d bring mascara, obviously.)
  • If you “Like” Being5 on Facebook, you get an extra entry, (please let me know in the comments section that you do!)
  • Entries accepted until Friday, December 13, 2013 at 3:00 p.m. PST. US/Canadian Residents only, please. You must be 18 to enter and win. Winner to be announced on

TLC Book ToursThis book review and giveaway was in partnership with TLC Book Tours. They sent me a copy of this series for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

being 12 days of giving with {day 6}


12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 6 Banner

Apparently, this is all I blog about now. I’m okay with that. It’s been a busy December, even just a week in. I know y’all must be feeling the same…

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 6

Up on Day 6 of the 12 Days of Giving are everyone’s favorite shoe brand, Born! This week is a tough call — I like both pairs! I’m not sure Josh would go for the men’s Born Mac (even though I think they’d look cute on him!), so maybe I’ll have to snag the women’s Born Alamid for myself. Such a shame. I guess I’ll take one for the team. (Do you like the black or the brown better?)

Go HERE to enter the giveaway and read more about the details.

Did you enter to win the Day 5 giveaway? Be sure to check HERE to see if you won!

being 12 days of giving with {day 5}


12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 5 Banner


Lucky for us, the team at extended yesterday’s 12 Days of Giving giveaway through the weekend! Whew! For Day 5, you can choose from two pairs of super comfy Rieker brand shoes — the women’s Rieker Louise or the men’s Rieker Ron 13.

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 5


Go HERE to answer today’s holiday question, which enters you to win. For this giveaway, you have until Sunday, December 8th at 11:59 p.m. PST. All of the giveaway details are listed there too.

And, I’m so excited to announce that the winner of Thursday’s Bootights giveaway was a Being5 reader (and a friend!). YAY, Lisa! Hope those Bootights keep you warm in this frigid weather we’re having! xo.

being 12 days of giving with {day 4}



12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 4 Banner


Please excuse the late reminder today… I have a very annoying head cold today and after two-hours at the dentist with all three kids this morning (kill me.), I crashed with my blankie (yes, I’m a baby, apparently.) and an Amanda Bynes movie that was already half way over. Now, to play a bit of DayQuil-induced catch-up while Janie has play practice.

You absolutely MUST go over and enter to win today’s pick from the 12 Days of Giving with Bootights are one of the most amazing thing ever invented — they are a cozy sock on the bottom, but tights where they show, outside of your boots. Business on the bottom, party on the top. Isn’t that kind of like what they say about mullets? Oh gosh, maybe the DayQuil wasn’t such a good idea…

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 4Go HERE to enter the giveaway. You have until 11:59 p.m. PST tonight. All of the giveaway details are there too, in case you care about fussy things like that.

Did anyone win those cute Woolrich slippers yesterday? The winner was announced here.


being 12 days of giving from {day 3}


12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 3

And… another pair of slippers that I would totally wear as real shoes. Introducing Day 3 from the 12 Days of Giving with, featuring selections from Woolrich. In the men’s corner, we have the Woolrich Brier and in the women’s corner, the Woolrich Jacy. Do you wear slippers at home? I don’t always (mine always seem to go missing!), but sometimes, in the afternoon when the house gets chilly, I steal Josh’s to wear around the house while I pick up and do laundry.

12 Days of Giving from OnlineShoes Day 3

Go HERE to enter by leaving a comment on their blog post, answering today’s holiday-themed question, then check back tomorrow to see if you won! All of the nitty gritty giveaway details are there too.

Did any of you win the giveaway from yesterday? They announced the winner this morning!

being 12 days of giving from {day 2}


12 Days of Giving from

Today is all about clogs on the 12 Days of Giving from Let me rephrase that… it’s all about Klogs! You get to pick from the Men’s Dusty Klogs (these are actually unisex!) or the Women’s Austin Klogs. Are you a clog wearer? I have to admit that while these aren’t particularly my style, they look super comfy and I have a friend in mind that would adore them. Which pair would you choose?

12 Days of Giving from

Go HERE to enter by leaving a comment on their blog post, answering today’s holiday-themed question, then check back tomorrow to see if you won! All of the nitty gritty giveaway details are there too.

Did any of you win the giveaway from yesterday? I still have those cute slippers on my mind!


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