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being one picture. 4th of july weekend.



This picture isn’t even that fantastic, but it sums up the fun that we had over the long holiday weekend. My to-do list is long today… back later with more. xo.

being the 4th.



We’re buzzing out of town for the weekend to enjoy our 4th of July with family and friends.

Illegal fireworks. The ocean. Cousins. Likely far too much food. Certainly far too much beer. Maybe a trip to the islands. We’re footloose and fancy-free this weekend and I’ve packed every single pair of underwear that Everett has, so we should be good until Sunday night, if need be.

This was the beginning of my packing list last night. I love making the packing list. I hate doing the actual packing. The fact that I’m still doing the pre-trip laundry and food making has nothing to do with that. (ahem.) Really.

Happy happy 4th, friends! May your Instragram feed be filled with horrible attempts at people trying to make hearts with sparklers!

being the valentine worm.



We have a Valentine Worm at our house.

No, please. Don’t call the exterminator.

He’s sort of like the Easter Bunny, but a worm. For Valentine’s Day.

The Valentine Worm was born at Josh’s house — honestly, I’m not sure how old he was, but when I met Josh, at the age of 18-ish, the Valentine Worm was already a Kavulla tradition and we adopted the Worm in our house once we became parents. He usually brings new outfits for the kids, although, this year, he brought Ev trucks, because the toddler boy section at City Target, where the Valentine Worm was shopping, was really lame and the Valentine Worm was running too far behind schedule to stop anywhere else.

Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you. Big hugs and kisses!


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