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being the day i decided to stop yelling.


everett chocolate cake

Do you yell as much in the afternoon as I do?

There’s something about 4 p.m. that makes me feel panicky. It’s as if in that next hour, I have to get done every single thing that ever needed to get done in the entire world.

Dishes. Dinner prep. Laundry that I put in the wash hours ago. Clutter pick-up. Homework and reading started for the girls. Make the bed. Wrap up work. Send a few more pressing emails. Call everyone who left me messages when I didn’t pick up my phone during the day (I never do). Get evening plans in line. Beat that motherfucking level on Candy Crush that’s been haunting me all week. Vacuum the front entry. Again. Keep the kids from driving each other crazy, or at the least from killing each other. BREATHE?

Every day. Same routine. And, I’m yelling the entire time.

God, it’s annoying. And I’m pretty sure my family hates me for it.

So, yesterday, I decided to stop yelling.

Everett and I were home, waiting for the girls to arrive via bus, and I let all of the mess just be while we made a chocolate cake. He did most of it himself, got chocolate batter from head to toe and licked the batters and bowl clean. And, I didn’t yell about it once.

Then, we got dinner started. We worked together. I didn’t yell at him when he put his hands all over the olive oil covered potatoes. Instead, he helped me spread them out on the baking sheet. Then, I gave him the salt and let him sprinkle it on the potatoes himself. We prepped the ham. He threw away the gross, ham-juice dripping bag himself. I didn’t yell. We emptied the garbage together. Emptied the dishwasher. Loaded it again. And cleaned up the kitchen, which was now a disaster. All without yelling.

Instead of yelling at him to get out of the kitchen while I did the dinner prep and dish washing, I invited him in. Instead of pushing him away, thinking I could do it quicker and easier without him underfoot, I made him part of the process and as a result, I spent my time enjoying his company and teaching him where to put the silverware, rather than wasting my time hollering at him from the other side of the house to stop doing whatever he was doing that was bugging the shit out of me, for no good reason.

The girls got home and the no yelling campaign came to a quick stop.

Meg is a yeller. I’ve made her that way. After all, when your mom is yelling all afternoon, you probably will too.

She yelled. And I told her, in my best, trying to be patient, non-yelling voice (I have to dig deep for that one), that today, we weren’t yelling. Then, I asked if she would sit with me and color while I finished up some work. The confused look on her face hurt. I’ll admit that. But she stopped yelling… for a least a little while.

I don’t want to yell anymore. No parent does. But many of us do. It’s a habit that sneaks up on you and it’s hard to break. Some days, I can feel the yelling raising up in my gut and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to suppress it, no matter how hard I try. In fact, the harder I try, on those days, the more the yelling consumes me. It’s toxic.

Today, I will not yell. And I won’t tomorrow. Or the next day. I have to quit, cold turkey. For my family… and myself. Because as shitty as it feels to be yelled at, it feels just as shitty, if not worse, to yell.

No yelling. Can it really all be just that simple? I hope so. I really hope so.

being a quick thanksgiving craft. {no, seriously.}


Thanksgiving Juice Box Turkeys


I’m not really sure what happened, but when I signed up to bring something for Everett’s preschool Thanksgiving feast last week, I had a majorly crafty, Pinterest-worthy moment. I probably actually had a stroke, but whatever. If that’s what it takes to get my creative juices going, I’ll take it.

There are juice boxes inside of those little turkeys. I worked into the wee hours last night (while I watched Homeland) to dress an entire army of juice box turkeys. Everett was pretty pleased this morning, as you can see from his just-woke-up sleepy little face…

Thanksgiving Turkey Juice Box Covers

Here’s what you’ll need: (WHO AM I?)

  • Juice boxes.
  • Construction paper.
  • Sharpie for the eyes (or googly eyes, if you’re feeling super ambitious.)
  • Double-sided tape. Lots of it.
  • A small, adorable hand to trace. (I did it while he was sleeping. Don’t do that. It’s hard.)

Tips for Juice Box Turkeys:

  • Wrap the construction paper around the front of each juice box, so that the straw is exposed in the back, making it easy for little guys to pull it off to drink.
  • Make sure any extra construction paper is at the TOP of the juice box, not the bottom, because you won’t be able to stand them back up again if it’s on the bottom.
  • Tape the hell out of it in the back to make sure it stays on. I used two big pieces of double-sided tape on each box.
  • Add eyes (googly or the Sharpie version) and a little orange nose (again, double-sided tape).
  • Make a little scarf for each turkey using ribbon, yarn, or whatever else you might have around. I used Baker’s Twine, which I use for everything.
  • Be sure to add an extra piece of tape over the twine in the back to make sure it doesn’t slip off.
  • Add the hand/feathers onto the back of the juice box, at the top of the straw area, using more tape.
  • Enjoy!

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being a morning with ev. {& his new shoes}


On the days that Ev doesn’t have preschool in the morning, I’m trying to make sure that we get out for some fresh air and exercise before we come back home to settle into work and playing with trucks and lunchtime and naps. It does us both so much good, especially with a view like this.

Scootering at Squalicum Harbor

Today, we went down to Squalicum Harbor. There is a long, paved path that goes around the entire marina and this morning, after a night of heavy rainfall, there were dozens of worms to check out, even more puddles to ride through (“Mommy, I LOVE puddles!”) and clouds that were threatening to dump on us at any moment.

"Mommy, I LOVE puddles."

Ev’s new shoes arrived last week and, despite making you suffer through my top contenders, I chose a pair that wasn’t even on the list! The TOMS Botas Tiny Canvas Boots ($38, replaced all of the shoes that were too small in his closet, and considering I’ve already had to wash them twice, I feel comfortable saying that he loves them. They look hard to put on, but they have super-strong Velcro along the entire inside of the shoe, so they open all of the way up to get his squirmy little foot in, while still staying closed when he plays. I think these will be a fave for a long time…

TOMS Botas Tiny Canvas Boots from Nordstrom


being the day my favorite shoes died.
being josh’s modeling debut. {rockport shoes}
being a look ahead to fall. laser cut boots from

being scenes from our weekend. best veteran’s day ever.


Meg, who has become fascinated with Veteran’s Day this year, declared yesterday that this was the “Best Veteran’s Day EVER!” It probably had a little something to do with the fact that we went to the car wash and then grabbed ice cream cones at a drive-thru on the way home, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

A few scenes from our weekend… What did you do?

ev haircut

A haircut for Everett. We chopped of his long, curly, often sweaty, locks this weekend to battle cradle cap. I was sad that they have to go, but I’ll admit that his new, shorter hair looks pretty handsome.

baby shower girls

The girls of the family threw a baby shower for our niece (and cousin, for the girls…), who is expecting a little girl herself. After a lot of sugar, a lot of “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over tiny pink socks and, of course, some fun, these two girls were beat. And, I’ll admit, so was I.

Other things we did this weekend that happened to go picture-free… Fell asleep on the couch and snored through at least one episode of Covert Affairs, made an early morning Target run, had lunch with Janie and Meg (where they were both wearing almost all white and didn’t get a drop of ketchup on themselves! small miracle!), snuck out for a drink and dinner with Josh after the kids were asleep, cleaned both cars, drinks with friends, a cousin “sleepover” and a long fall scooter through some of our favorite trails.

Now, to squeeze five days into four before a weekend in Seattle (eek!) is here!

being scenes from our weekend. omg. it’s hot out.


And, another summer weekend on the books. This one was a little hot. Like, nearly 90 degrees out hot, which I will gladly bitch about because we do not have air conditioning and my upper lip is sweating.

Besides trying our best to stay cool, we hit up Monsters University (cute movie, but a little long…), played in the backyard with a new baby pool and Slip N’ Slide, did a Target run, had breakfast at our favorite spot on the water, did a lot of housework and a little yard work and even squeezed in a nap or two somewhere along the way.

Here’s to another fun-filled summer week! We are finishing up swim lessons and have plans to visit some parks this week… finally!

being 20 random things. summer vacation style.


note: it took me over a week to write all 20 of these, so… just go with it.

one. So You Think You Can Dance is back, which means that I’m going to cry over some crazy ass contemporary style dancing all summer.

two. I’ve officially survived two days of summer vacation.

three. I’m exhausted.

four. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this? Because, ohmygod. Andria posted these last night and I can’t stop staring at them. Seriously. Hello. Way to capture a moment, AL.

five. I organized my closet by color last weekend and there is something about it that is so comforting to me. Like, I can feel my blood pressure settle a little bit every time I open my closet.

six. We’re taking the kids to Wild Waves this weekend. Good idea or bad? I can’t decide. I’m hoping that it’s not raining, although, I’d rather have it be raining than crowded.

seven. I just browsed through the newest editions on Nordstrom and couldn’t find a single pair that I was obsessed with to share with you. Scratch that. I couldn’t find a single pair to share with you that was under $400.

eight. I think the most I’ve spent on a pair of shoes was around $250 for a pair of Frye boots. I’ve worn them about a dozen times in the six-years I’ve owned them.

nine. We took a little online poll about what Kanye and Kim would name their baby. My guess was that they’d name her Kanye West, because we know how Mr. West feels about himself. I’m pretty sure he only had a baby with Kim because he couldn’t have a baby WITH HIMSELF. I have to say, there were some pretty hilarious suggestions.

ten. Today, I calmed a frantic soon-to-be-kindergartner mom who was consumed with mommy-mill rumors. Can I tell you how fantastic it is to have your second child start school? I think I’m actually enjoying Meg’s kindergarten experience because I don’t feel like my head is spinning with the unknown. It’s really lovely.

eleven. There’s a new Kidz Bob version of Macklemore‘s Thriftshop. It’s pretty good. Especially when I still add the “motherfucker” parts.

twelve. We should go to this. Want to?

thirteen. I wish that my single girlfriends would give me little calling cards with their picture on it that I could discreetly slip to the single guys that are always working at this Starbucks. It would be so helpful. For all of us.

fourteen. Swim lessons. Every weekday for two weeks. It seemed like a really great idea when I registered and I’m sure that I’ll be pleased with the progress that the kids have made at the end of next week and really, they’re loving it. BUT, swim lessons is totally ruining the flow of my day. Lessons for all three kids, back to back to back, keep us there from 9-10:30 a.m. and by the time we get home, they’re wiped, hungry and semi-cranky, which means that the morning swim session is pretty much our activity of the day. Swim lessons, you’re cramping my style.

fifteen. My first book club is this week. From what I hear, I should hydrate for the next two days in preparation.

sixteen. I bought Macklemore tickets today. I originally had four amazing reserved seats in my basket, but something funky happened and the page accidentally refreshed and I lost them. And, I nearly cried. After trying for another hour, I finally got my hands on two general admission floor seats, which means that we’ll be in the crowd at the Key. Better brush up on those mosh-pit skills from the old days. (I’m not kidding.)

seventeen. We popped up to Menchie’s after dinner tonight, mostly to just get the kids out of the house for a few minutes and get some fresh air in their lungs before bedtime. I was disappointed with what I picked. Such a letdown. The whole thing tasted like plastic to me.

eighteen. Tonight was the first time ever that we’ve walked to Menchie’s without someone falling/tripping on the way there or the way home. It was a small miracle.

nineteen. My to-do list for Wednesday: Run. Clean the bathroom. Swim lessons. Play date for Janie. Housework. Eye surgeon appointment for Janie. Prep dinner. Work. Hopefully be in bed at midnight.

twenty. There is a jicama in my fridge right now.

being scenes from our weekend. hello, summer.


Well, that was a busy weekend. We had a very full, very fun weekend… and we’re all exhausted and the house is a disaster to prove it. Cousin Taran’s lacrosse tournament on Friday night (they took 2nd place this weekend!). Wild Waves on Saturday. Dinner at Etta’s for our anniversary on Saturday night. John Prine concert at the Zoo on Sunday. Can you hear me yawning through the screen? What did you do this weekend? (click through on the pictures to see them better.)

being pretty close to being banned from university village.



A few weeks ago, it was super warm out and after dragging Everett around on errands, I thought it would be fun to let him play in the frog and turtle fountain before we left University Village. It wasn’t long before he was soaked from head to toe. Thankfully, I had a spare pair of pants and underwear in the car (go, team potty training!), so I figured that as long as he was having a good time (he was) there wasn’t much harm. Going to pick up Meg at preschool shirtless wasn’t going to be the end of the world, right?


I’m going to make this vague because I don’t want this to truly count as my second strike at University Village. I’m certain that they’re keeping track of my indiscretions and that an alarm goes off in the offices every time I enter the parking lot. (remember this little incident?)

Here it goes…

I may or may not have looked up to catch Everett peeing while playing in the fountain.

Okay. Tell me what YOU would have done? He was, um, finishing up just as I caught him and he was standing kind of close to the drain and where the turtles and frogs were shooting water, so I felt confident that it all washed away quickly. I think.

I chose to just let things be, since what was done was done… until a little boy came up to the fountain and DRANK THE WATER THAT THE FROG WAS SQUIRTING and I practically screamed because you know that fountain water is totally recycled.

(I am a horrible, horrible person.)

(psst. i’m giving away a copy of sarah jio’s new book. i promise that nobody peed on it. really.)


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