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being cast.


Waiting for her audtion

Over the weekend, Janie had her first audition for a production outside of school. I’m pretty sure that I was far more nervous than she was, which proves, even more, that being in theater is her thing. She was trying out for a local production that is a parody of the Nutcracker — just up her alley — funny, some singing parts, a chance to act silly and stretch her acting legs at the same time.

After a little bit of a wait, Janie’s name was called and she walked through that door to prep and then audition while I sat and had a panic attack and tried not to look too much like an anxious stage mom. It was hard. I’ll tell you that much.

Her audition was pretty quick — a song, telling a funny story, taking her measurements and she was done. It likely only lasted 10-minutes, but I felt like she was back there for 10-hours.

Later than night, we got news that she’d been called back the next day and then, last night, armed with encouraging words and a stash of “sorry, you didn’t make it” ice cream waiting at home, we went down and checked the cast list.

And… she landed a part! Appropriately enough, she will be playing the part of a 4-year old screaming ballerina.


No comment.

being 18 pictures of janie when she was 8.


janie collage 1

janie collage 2


When Janie was eight, she…

Was in second grade. Danced with her friends at the school talent show. Grew at least two-inches taller. Went to Montana. Lost a ton of teeth, including molars. Had fun at Great Wolf Lodge with friends. Was a butterfly in her dance recital. Let her hair grow and grow and grow. Learned to swim. Learned to ride her bike on two-wheels. Had surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. Moved to Bellingham. Started third grade.

being as easy as…



From the looks of it, Janie is kicking summer’s ass. First, she conquers swimming and now, this.

Josh and I have known that she could ride a bike since last summer, if not earlier, but, she refused to try.

This summer, I pulled out the big guns and threatened, yes, threatened, that if she didn’t learn to ride her bike, she couldn’t go camping with her cousins this summer. Total bitch move? Maybe. Nurturing parenting? Not really. Effective? Yes. Janie’s a kid who needs a little push past her comfort zone at times and it took less than five minutes for her to be off and riding last night.

And, here’s video proof, for those who need it…

Up next on the summer kid achievement checklist?

Getting Meg up on two-wheels. (wish us luck.)

being tonsil-less.


I was going to tell you about how I wore flats with shorts last week and I felt awkward about it the moment I walked out of the house, but I figured that you might want to hear about Janie’s surgery instead.

We’re on day six post-surgery and Janie’s doing okay. The surgery itself went great — her tonsils were even bigger than the doctor thought and Janie got lots of “oohs!” and “aahs!” over them from the 30,000 people that came to see her pre-surgery. It’s really too bad that they don’t let you take them home in a jar any more.

The recovery has been okay — she did have more than just ice water, as she vowed she would do, and in the first 48-hours after her surgery, she ate dozens of popsicles and enough rainbow sherbet to keep her from being in too much pain. Plus, a regiment of the good old Advil/Tylenol rotation and a smidge of Oxycodone on the side helped keep things in check. There have been times when the pain has spiked and those moments haven’t been fun… I think yesterday was the first day that we didn’t have tears, so I’m hoping we’re on the upside of things.

Time will tell how the -ectomies will help — hopefully Janie will be more rested thanks to getting those huge ass tonsils out of there and her sinuses will clear out easier when she does get sick, keeping the ear infections at bay.

A huge thank you for the outpouring of love over the past week. I would totally share this leftover Oxy with each and every one of you. xo.

being the night before surgery.




Janie’s heading into surgery tomorrow morning to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. I can’t say that she’s pleased, even with the knowledge that she gets to eat as much popsicles and ice cream as she wants. She insists that she’s only going to sip on ice water. (Meg has kindly offered to eat the popsicles for her.)

We check in at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital in the wee hours of the morning (thank goodness for neighbors who can easily be bribed into taking your other pajama-clad children before the sun even rises…) and will hopefully be home before noon, tonsil- and adenoid-free. We’ve stocked up on Tylenol and Motrin and I’ve already made a medicine-schedule in preparation of the craziness that is trying to keep track of when to give her which medication.

Janie’s been through three eye surgeries in her young eight-years, so I’m not too concerned about the surgery itself. Although, it doesn’t take away that horrible horrible moment when they actually put her on the bed to take her into surgery and she looks so tiny, even with legs so long we’ve started calling her “Stretch.” And then, they wheel her away and the doors swing closed behind them and there’s this pit in your stomach and visions of every tragic episode of ER and Grey’s Anatomy flash before your eyes.

Okay, maybe I’m a little concerned.

being one picture. 4th of july weekend.



This picture isn’t even that fantastic, but it sums up the fun that we had over the long holiday weekend. My to-do list is long today… back later with more. xo.

being scenes from our weekend. hello, summer.


Well, that was a busy weekend. We had a very full, very fun weekend… and we’re all exhausted and the house is a disaster to prove it. Cousin Taran’s lacrosse tournament on Friday night (they took 2nd place this weekend!). Wild Waves on Saturday. Dinner at Etta’s for our anniversary on Saturday night. John Prine concert at the Zoo on Sunday. Can you hear me yawning through the screen? What did you do this weekend? (click through on the pictures to see them better.)

being three times too big.



A surgery that has been three-years in the making, Janie is having her tonsils and adenoids removed this summer.

I think that the exact quote from the surgeon was, “Oh yeah, those need to come out.”

When Janie was five, she started getting vicious ear infections. I think there were eight that year — horrible, middle of the night, raging infections that took us to the doctor over and over again. Motrin barely touched them. Holistic treatments were temporary. Night after night of leaky hot water bottles and cartoons on the couch with her at 2 a.m. while she squirmed with pain.

After that year, the infections mellowed out, but found a new routine. Ever since, even the slightest of sniffles result in an ear ache for Janie. Not enough to get her to the doctor, but annoying and painful enough to keep her home from school until the cold — and the ear ache — have passed.

We eventually came to learn that while her ears didn’t necessarily need tubes, her tonsils were more likely the source of her misery — they were three times larger than they should be. Suddenly the snoring, the holding her breath at night and the fact that she sleeps sitting up in bed all came into the equation too.

Less than two months until those bad boys come out.

(did you know that they don’t let you keep them to take home in a jar anymore? growing up in the 80s was way cooler.)

(also, recommendations about the procedure, the recovery, what to expect are welcome!)

being the father-daughter dance. 2nd grade edition.



Josh and Janie went to the Father-Daughter Dance at school last weekend and despite a major sob-fest about the new sandals I bought her to wear (not pictured, FYI) being a smidge to small, I think they had a great time. And, I wasn’t bitter about the fact that they went to Palisades for dinner. In fact, I was so NOT bitter, that I decided Meg, Everett and I should skip dinner all together and simply go to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt (or, whatever that stuff is).


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