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being 17 months older than me.


josh turns 34

Although we can barely hear each other over the screams of the kids at times (um, last night), I’m thankful that we’re doing this together and I love every. single. day. with you.

being scenes from our weekend. hello, summer.


Well, that was a busy weekend. We had a very full, very fun weekend… and we’re all exhausted and the house is a disaster to prove it. Cousin Taran’s lacrosse tournament on Friday night (they took 2nd place this weekend!). Wild Waves on Saturday. Dinner at Etta’s for our anniversary on Saturday night. John Prine concert at the Zoo on Sunday. Can you hear me yawning through the screen? What did you do this weekend? (click through on the pictures to see them better.)

being the father-daughter dance. 2nd grade edition.



Josh and Janie went to the Father-Daughter Dance at school last weekend and despite a major sob-fest about the new sandals I bought her to wear (not pictured, FYI) being a smidge to small, I think they had a great time. And, I wasn’t bitter about the fact that they went to Palisades for dinner. In fact, I was so NOT bitter, that I decided Meg, Everett and I should skip dinner all together and simply go to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt (or, whatever that stuff is).


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