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being scenes from our weekend. best veteran’s day ever.


Meg, who has become fascinated with Veteran’s Day this year, declared yesterday that this was the “Best Veteran’s Day EVER!” It probably had a little something to do with the fact that we went to the car wash and then grabbed ice cream cones at a drive-thru on the way home, but let’s give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

A few scenes from our weekend… What did you do?

ev haircut

A haircut for Everett. We chopped of his long, curly, often sweaty, locks this weekend to battle cradle cap. I was sad that they have to go, but I’ll admit that his new, shorter hair looks pretty handsome.

baby shower girls

The girls of the family threw a baby shower for our niece (and cousin, for the girls…), who is expecting a little girl herself. After a lot of sugar, a lot of “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over tiny pink socks and, of course, some fun, these two girls were beat. And, I’ll admit, so was I.

Other things we did this weekend that happened to go picture-free… Fell asleep on the couch and snored through at least one episode of Covert Affairs, made an early morning Target run, had lunch with Janie and Meg (where they were both wearing almost all white and didn’t get a drop of ketchup on themselves! small miracle!), snuck out for a drink and dinner with Josh after the kids were asleep, cleaned both cars, drinks with friends, a cousin “sleepover” and a long fall scooter through some of our favorite trails.

Now, to squeeze five days into four before a weekend in Seattle (eek!) is here!

being scenes from our weekend. the patch.



The kids and I hit one of our favorite places in Bellingham on Saturday morning. I tried to just get one good picture on this gorgeous day, but instead, I caught them after Everett had just yelled “BOOTY!” at this sweet couple walking by and the girls were cracking up. As you can see, he’s also shaking his own booty, just in case they didn’t get what he was saying.


Thankfully, this picture made up for the day before’s. We finally hit up the pumpkin patch on Sunday and I was surprised to see that there were actually pumpkins left and that we weren’t the only ones who were slackers. Pretty sure those three pumpkins cost us nearly $100, but at least we have some on our porch now. Can I confess that I really hope the kids forget about carving them this week? I just have to get through Wednesday and then I’m golden. It’s not that I don’t like carving pumpkins, but from my past experiences carving with the kids, I know that they’re interested for approximately 16-seconds, and then Josh and I end up carving all three pumpkins ourselves.

Other things we did this weekend… Dessert tasting with cousins and some cousin play time too. So much scootering. So much carburetor adjusting. (not me) A tiny smidge of the laundry that I should have done. Work. Lost power at the house due to the wind. Caught up on a few of our favorite shows. Fell asleep midway through a few of our favorite shows. Introduced the kids to The Addams Family movies.

What did you do this weekend? Does your week look as insane as ours? We’re leaving for the beach on Friday morning for a little fall weekend getaway!

being scenes from our weekend. omg. it’s hot out.


And, another summer weekend on the books. This one was a little hot. Like, nearly 90 degrees out hot, which I will gladly bitch about because we do not have air conditioning and my upper lip is sweating.

Besides trying our best to stay cool, we hit up Monsters University (cute movie, but a little long…), played in the backyard with a new baby pool and Slip N’ Slide, did a Target run, had breakfast at our favorite spot on the water, did a lot of housework and a little yard work and even squeezed in a nap or two somewhere along the way.

Here’s to another fun-filled summer week! We are finishing up swim lessons and have plans to visit some parks this week… finally!

being scenes from our weekend. hello, summer.


Well, that was a busy weekend. We had a very full, very fun weekend… and we’re all exhausted and the house is a disaster to prove it. Cousin Taran’s lacrosse tournament on Friday night (they took 2nd place this weekend!). Wild Waves on Saturday. Dinner at Etta’s for our anniversary on Saturday night. John Prine concert at the Zoo on Sunday. Can you hear me yawning through the screen? What did you do this weekend? (click through on the pictures to see them better.)


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