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being 5 things i love at my new target.



.me, in action, at target. taken by everett, along with 39 other photos.

Today, we spent some time running errands in our new town.

(I think “town” is appropriate for Bellingham, right? Bigger than a village? Not as big as a city?)

We picked up registration forms for the girls’ new school (which happens to be my OLD school), we stalked a few houses that we have our eyes on, tested out the quality of the closest Starbucks drive-thru… and, we went to Target.

Exploring a new Target is both exciting and nerve-racking. It’s fun to see everything in a new light, but the anxiety of being able to find all of your favorites without having to double-back through the aisles is enough to drive a girl to the bottle. Good thing they also sell wine at Target. (i don’t even drink wine, but whatever. you get it.)

I tried to find more favorites to share, but the girls discovered the knock-off American Girl aisle and we had to stand there for approximately 84-minutes while they debated about which outfit to share and by that time, Everett was close to throwing a fit and I didn’t want the Canadians to start staring.


FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottles ($13 each) // These were on the end of the aisle and were my favorite from the FEED Collection that was on display. I think they’re screaming for some iced tea.

Threshold Seagrass Large Milk Crate ($40, set of two) // I think that these are far better looking in person than they are online. I am certainly my mother’s daughter because I love a good basket.

Snack Bowls // Not found online // These were on the end of the aisle and I love this pattern. We have some of the other lunchbox containers from this collection and they’re so fun. I believe these little guys were about $2 each.

Jar Candles // Not found online // I hunted for these online too, but couldn’t find them. I believe they’re a new collection. Someday, I want to work in candle branding. How fun would that be? $13 each.

French Bull Collection ($35 and up) // I saved the best for last, obviously. I practically gave Everett whiplash (for the second time this week. silly car accident.) when I saw these pretties. I think that the Crockpot is my favorite, although, I wouldn’t kick that toaster out of bed either.


.this is how Everett was feeling by the time we left.

being the little things.



I swear that sometimes it’s the little things that really make my day. Don’t you agree?

Last week, Tiny Prints sent me one of those “we miss you and want you to order something, so here’s $20 towards your next purchase” emails and I took them up on it. While it was hard to decide on what to splurge on, I went with the Memo Arrow Personalized Notepad in Walnut.

There’s nothing like a pretty place to keep my to-dos (of which I have many!).

This post was not sponsored by Tiny Prints. They simply sent me the credit as a regular old customer. 

being sun. glassed. {a tragic tale.}



I’ve been having a very very VERY hard time finding a new pair of sunglasses. The ones I’ve been wearing were circa 2004. I’m not kidding. They were scratched and glued back together countless times, but I loved them. Considering I’ve been doing repairs on them at least once a week for the past six-months, I knew that I had to pick up a new pair of sunnies (are we still using that term?) soon and I’ve been trying some on as I shop, but with disappointing results. Online browsing hasn’t been much better. Sure, I’ve found plenty that I’ve loved, but most of them include “Tom Ford” in the description and there is no way that I was spending $400 on a pair of sunglasses that Everett would likely put on upside-down and pretend to be a rapper in. Not doing it.

A few weekends ago, Josh and I popped into the GAP downtown on our way to dinner. I needed (wanted) a denim jacket to wear over my dress and just like that, he grabbed a pair of sunglasses off of the rack that he thought I’d like and I fell in love. They are black. Big. Not too hipster-esque. And, they were $25, before a 35% off email coupon that I remembered I had at the last moment. They aren’t available online, but they probably have them at your local GAP too, in case you can’t live without them.

Am I the only one who is a total sunglasses cheapskate? Please tell me I’m not alone.

Editor’s note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago, but hadn’t posted it. Since then, Everett has, indeed, broke my beloved new sunglasses. Currently, the arm is taped back on with leopard print duct tape. I wish I was kidding.

being a sweet anniversary surprise.



Josh and I don’t always do anniversary gifts, so I was tickled when he surprised me with this pretty necklace on Saturday. I’d seen it on Uncovet and pinned it to my “Most Wanted” Pinterest board, which is a convenient place to leave hints. Turns out it’s from Friedasophie on Etsy and now I’m obsessed with pretty much everything in their store (like this necklace and this gold-dipped necklace and this one too). The necklace happens to be my birthstone, aquamarine, and it is so delicate, pretty and easy to wear. I adore it… and him.


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