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being pictures from the beach.


a weekend at seabrook.

We spent the weekend away at the beach, in the sweetest little “town” called Seabrook. It’s like Stepford, but the beach version. In a good way. More to come about our stay there (spoiler… we loved it), but for now, here’s a little photo gallery from our weekend. Not pictured: The insane wind. Insane, as in 50 miles per hour. Insane, as in I’m pretty sure that if I had thrown Everett up in the air, he would have flown away.

Photos of a weekend in Seabrook

Have you been to Seabrook? Which house did you stay in? I can’t stop searching through them to find the perfect house to stay in for our next trip…


being the 4th.



We’re buzzing out of town for the weekend to enjoy our 4th of July with family and friends.

Illegal fireworks. The ocean. Cousins. Likely far too much food. Certainly far too much beer. Maybe a trip to the islands. We’re footloose and fancy-free this weekend and I’ve packed every single pair of underwear that Everett has, so we should be good until Sunday night, if need be.

This was the beginning of my packing list last night. I love making the packing list. I hate doing the actual packing. The fact that I’m still doing the pre-trip laundry and food making has nothing to do with that. (ahem.) Really.

Happy happy 4th, friends! May your Instragram feed be filled with horrible attempts at people trying to make hearts with sparklers!

being a leave of absence.



We are Montana-bound tomorrow morning to celebrate the life of our sweet Grandpa, who was, without a doubt, the world’s greatest cowboy and we will dearly miss his stories and jokes. Despite the sad circumstances, I’m looking forward to being with all of our family on Josh’s side… I can’t even tell you the last time we were all together.

We’re hitting the road in the wee hours of Thursday morning and driving straight through, which should put our parenting skills to test. This is the type of trip that reality TV shows were made of, friends.

In the meantime, keep your eye out here for some guest posts from some of my favorite people. I promise that they’ll keep you entertained while I’m away.

See you next week and probably on Instagram and Facebook too… xo.

being a tag along.


Lucky me, I’m popping out-of-town for a few days. Josh has to go to a conference and I get to play tag along. Although, I think I totally win, because he has to go to things like vendor exhibits and I simply get to sit by the pool in the lovely Orange County heat wave that’s happening right now. Let’s be honest, I’ll be working away while I’m there and trying to take advantage of every single kid-free moment to get through as much of my to-do list as possible. But, with a margarita very close by. Like, in my hand.

A few things:

We  had some serious plumbing issues in our laundry room this weekend. As in, sewer coming back up into our laundry room. All over the clothes that I had ready to wash. It was very tragic and I’m starting to feel like we are cursed regarding sewer-related things. Remember this?

After a landslide of recommendations on Facebook, I downloaded Gone Girl onto my Kindle for the trip. Can’t wait to dig into it.

I will attempt to fit everything into my carry-on for the trip, which will be very hard with my over-packing tendencies.

Before leaving town today, I’m on a desperate search for a cute pair of cheap summer-ish sandals, which obviously no longer exist in Seattle. Both of my pairs bit the dust in the last few weeks after years of hard service and I tossed them, thinking I could easily find a pair on sale before my trip. Apparently not. All I have left is my black rubber Havaianas. Please say a prayer.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow with something fun and exciting. It may or may not be a giveaway. And it may or may not be a good one. (it is.) And in the meantime, don’t have any fun while I’m gone, please. I mean it.

by the way. i’m at #2. major eek! but, #3 is right on my tail. please vote. and tell your mother to vote. because i totally love your mom.


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