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being 5 things i love this week. edition 4.


5 things i love this week -- edition 4

one. If you haven’t become addicted to What Does the Fox Say? yet, then you need to. I’m not even sure if we can continue this blog-friendship until you watch it 19 times in a row. The kids are in love with it and I can’t get it out of my head.

two. This is Meg’s favorite dress. It’s stain-resistant, fits awesome, and is on sale right now. End of story.

three. Read what Andria has to say on The Define School. She’s a wise one, that girl. And a hugger. I love her for that.

four. I wasn’t quick enough to snag these chevron-striped car garbage containers when they were on Jane last week and I’m hoping they’ll come back around. If you don’t already subscribe to Jane, you should, especially if you have girlies at home. They send out the cutest daily newsletter with really great deals.

five. My kind-of-cousin suggested I give eos Lip Balm a try. I’ve seen these at Target and always been curious, so when Loretta gave them a thumbs up, I had to see for myself. It’s funny to get used to putting on lip balm with a big round sphere, but it’s also kind of fun! I love it for in the car, when I’m driving and don’t have a mirror to look at. Same for when I’m working. They aren’t cheap at over $3, but I can tell it will last for ages. (thanks, L!)

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being 5 things i love this week. edition 2.


5 things i love this week -- edition 2

one. Let’s take a small moment to drool over this Pumpkin Spice M&M Bark from Nichole at In These Small Moments. This girl is not good for my waistline. At all.

two. Speaking of sweets, Jennifer Shea, Founder of Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle, debuted her newest book this week, CUPCAKES AND PARTIES, and it’s lovely. I only know Jennifer via Twitter and Instagram and work stuff, and the one time we were at a party together, I was way to shy to say hello and she was wearing the coolest necklace ever. They’re throwing a huge launch party, that’s open to the public, in Seattle this weekend and I wish that I could go because, hello, it looks amazing. (you can buy tickets here and a signed copy of the book here or on amazon here.) Also, I happened to spy a little cupcake collaboration over on coco+kelley… yum.

three. I didn’t write this on Red Tricycle Seattle, but loved 26 Signs You’re a Seattle Mom. And, the LA version was hilarious. 

four. These shoes. Yes. They’re the Slaater Open Toe Bootie from Steven by Steve Madden. Available at Nordstrom online. Get them.

five. Have you noticed, in the past couple of weeks, that there are some seriously amazing videos hitting the online market. I mean, some good stuff. It was hard to pick just one, but I couldn’t let Between the Ferns Two Ferns interview with Justin Bieber and Zach Galifianakis pass us by. I can’t believe Bieber holds a straight face through the whole thing. Nice work, JB.

5 Things I love this week // Edition 1.

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being macklemore. the baby whisperer.


A friend forwarded this to me from some of her friends, the parents of this sweet little baby girl, who proves that Macklemore is more than just a rapper. He’s a miracle worker. I can’t imagine that when he and Ryan Lewis were putting together “Can’t Hold Us” that they said, “Hey, let’s produce something that MAKES BABIES STOP CRYING.” I see a lullaby album in their future.

(thanks for sharing this with me, sam. and thanks to travis and theresa for letting me share the video.)

being as easy as…



From the looks of it, Janie is kicking summer’s ass. First, she conquers swimming and now, this.

Josh and I have known that she could ride a bike since last summer, if not earlier, but, she refused to try.

This summer, I pulled out the big guns and threatened, yes, threatened, that if she didn’t learn to ride her bike, she couldn’t go camping with her cousins this summer. Total bitch move? Maybe. Nurturing parenting? Not really. Effective? Yes. Janie’s a kid who needs a little push past her comfort zone at times and it took less than five minutes for her to be off and riding last night.

And, here’s video proof, for those who need it…

Up next on the summer kid achievement checklist?

Getting Meg up on two-wheels. (wish us luck.)

being 20 random things. summer vacation style.


note: it took me over a week to write all 20 of these, so… just go with it.

one. So You Think You Can Dance is back, which means that I’m going to cry over some crazy ass contemporary style dancing all summer.

two. I’ve officially survived two days of summer vacation.

three. I’m exhausted.

four. Can we just take a moment and appreciate this? Because, ohmygod. Andria posted these last night and I can’t stop staring at them. Seriously. Hello. Way to capture a moment, AL.

five. I organized my closet by color last weekend and there is something about it that is so comforting to me. Like, I can feel my blood pressure settle a little bit every time I open my closet.

six. We’re taking the kids to Wild Waves this weekend. Good idea or bad? I can’t decide. I’m hoping that it’s not raining, although, I’d rather have it be raining than crowded.

seven. I just browsed through the newest editions on Nordstrom and couldn’t find a single pair that I was obsessed with to share with you. Scratch that. I couldn’t find a single pair to share with you that was under $400.

eight. I think the most I’ve spent on a pair of shoes was around $250 for a pair of Frye boots. I’ve worn them about a dozen times in the six-years I’ve owned them.

nine. We took a little online poll about what Kanye and Kim would name their baby. My guess was that they’d name her Kanye West, because we know how Mr. West feels about himself. I’m pretty sure he only had a baby with Kim because he couldn’t have a baby WITH HIMSELF. I have to say, there were some pretty hilarious suggestions.

ten. Today, I calmed a frantic soon-to-be-kindergartner mom who was consumed with mommy-mill rumors. Can I tell you how fantastic it is to have your second child start school? I think I’m actually enjoying Meg’s kindergarten experience because I don’t feel like my head is spinning with the unknown. It’s really lovely.

eleven. There’s a new Kidz Bob version of Macklemore‘s Thriftshop. It’s pretty good. Especially when I still add the “motherfucker” parts.

twelve. We should go to this. Want to?

thirteen. I wish that my single girlfriends would give me little calling cards with their picture on it that I could discreetly slip to the single guys that are always working at this Starbucks. It would be so helpful. For all of us.

fourteen. Swim lessons. Every weekday for two weeks. It seemed like a really great idea when I registered and I’m sure that I’ll be pleased with the progress that the kids have made at the end of next week and really, they’re loving it. BUT, swim lessons is totally ruining the flow of my day. Lessons for all three kids, back to back to back, keep us there from 9-10:30 a.m. and by the time we get home, they’re wiped, hungry and semi-cranky, which means that the morning swim session is pretty much our activity of the day. Swim lessons, you’re cramping my style.

fifteen. My first book club is this week. From what I hear, I should hydrate for the next two days in preparation.

sixteen. I bought Macklemore tickets today. I originally had four amazing reserved seats in my basket, but something funky happened and the page accidentally refreshed and I lost them. And, I nearly cried. After trying for another hour, I finally got my hands on two general admission floor seats, which means that we’ll be in the crowd at the Key. Better brush up on those mosh-pit skills from the old days. (I’m not kidding.)

seventeen. We popped up to Menchie’s after dinner tonight, mostly to just get the kids out of the house for a few minutes and get some fresh air in their lungs before bedtime. I was disappointed with what I picked. Such a letdown. The whole thing tasted like plastic to me.

eighteen. Tonight was the first time ever that we’ve walked to Menchie’s without someone falling/tripping on the way there or the way home. It was a small miracle.

nineteen. My to-do list for Wednesday: Run. Clean the bathroom. Swim lessons. Play date for Janie. Housework. Eye surgeon appointment for Janie. Prep dinner. Work. Hopefully be in bed at midnight.

twenty. There is a jicama in my fridge right now.

being a three-year old channing tatum.


Ev has some dance moves that are, well, unique. As in, I’m pretty sure he is going to star in his generation’s version of Magic Mike someday.


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